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Skip Logic

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About Skip Logic

Skip Logic allows you to send respondents to a future point in the survey based on how they answer a question. For instance, if a respondent indicates that they don’t agree to your survey’s consent form, they could immediately be skipped to the end of the survey. Please note that Skip Logic can only be used to send respondents forward in the survey, not backward.

Qtip: For more advanced logic such as including multiple AND/OR statements, consider using Display Logic or Branch Logic.
Qtip: Want to watch a video on how to use Skip Logic? Visit Configuring Your Project on XM Basecamp for a guided learning experience. Access is included as part of your Qualtrics account.

For additional information regarding using logic in general, visit our Using Logic support page.

Adding Skip Logic

  1. Select the question you want to add Skip Logic to.
    selecting a question
  2. Click on the gear symbol to the left and select Add Skip Logic.
    selecting Add Skip Logic from the question options menu
  3. In the first dropdown menu, select the answer choice to use in your Skip Logic.
    Editing the first field of skip logic, the choice
  4. In the second dropdown menu, select how the participant should interact with this choice to trigger Skip Logic.
    the second field, the operator (for example: if the first field says No, the second may say Selected, to indicate No is Selected)
  5. In the third dropdown menu, specify where respondents who skip ahead should be sent. You can skip the respondent to future questions within the current block, to the end of the current block, or to the end of the survey.
    the final field, where you decide the action performed by meeting the condition (skip to a certain question in the same block, end the block, or end the survey)

    Qtip: With Skip Logic, respondents can only be skipped forward to questions within the same block. If you’d like to skip respondents to another block, choose to skip them to End of Block and then use Branch Logic or Display Logic to get them to the right place from there.
    Qtip: If you skip a respondent to the end of your survey, their end of survey experience will follow the survey termination settings; if you have an end of survey element in your survey flow, these settings will be ignored in favor of the survey termination settings.
  6. Click Done when finished.
    Done button on far-right of the Skip Logic banner
  7. If desired, repeat steps 2–6 to create additional Skip Logic statements. Each statement’s option menu will appear as a different color. Multiple skip logic statement are separated by an implicit “OR,” meaning the respondent needs to meet only one condition to be skipped.
Qtip: Applying Skip Logic to a question will create an automatic page break after the question. If this is undesired, check out In-Page Display Logic as another option.

Additional Skip Logic Options

After creating Skip Logic on a question, you can select the dark gray Options dropdown menu to the right of the logic for more options.

Options dropdown on skip logic

The following options are available:

  • Edit Skip Logic: Reopens your Skip Logic statement, allowing you to make changes. You may also click on the text of the Skip Logic to begin editing.
  • Advanced Options: Allows you to set up the Skip Logic to be ignored until a certain Quota is met. When selecting this option, an Include Quota page will appear. A dropdown will also appear where you can select a previously created quota.
    Qtip: No need to use this option if you are skipping participants to the end of the survey once the Quota is full. For this, go to the Quota setup screen and use the default action End Current Survey.
  • Go To Skip Destination: Scrolls your view down to the question destination (if the logic is set to skip to a question and not to End of Block or End of Survey).
  • Remove Skip Logic: Deletes the Skip Logic.
Qtip: Skipping a participant to the end of your survey with Skip Logic will record their survey response. For more information on how to delete such responses, see our Screen-Out Management page.