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Allowlisting External Domains for Qualtrics Use

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About Allowlisting External Domains for Qualtrics Use

The Qualtrics platform uses resources from several external sites to function correctly. If there are any users in your organization that do not have open internet access, then you need to add the external domains listed on this page to your domain allow list. If these domains are not allowlisted, then users with restricted internet access will not be able to use the Qualtrics platform.

List of External Domains to Allowlist

Below is the list of domains to allowlist. Send this list to your IT team or server administrator.

Attention: In addition to these external domains, you may also need to allowlist to allow access to the Qualtrics product and all subdomains.

To stay up-to-date with any changes to the allowlist, subscribe to weekly product release notes on the Qualtrics XM Community.

Qtip: Any user with a Qualtrics account can log into the Qualtrics XM Community for free.