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Load Users into CX Directory Task

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About the Load Users into CX Directory Task

Attention: To use this feature, your license must have unique identifiers and CX user admin enabled. If your license does not have these features and you would like to learn more, contact your Customer Success Representative.

The Load Users into CX Directory task is used to save CX user data to Qualtrics. This task allows you to keep your CX user data up-to-date on a regular basis. To use this task, you must first load data into Qualtrics using a data extractor task.

Setting Up a Load Users into CX Directory Task

  1. Click the navigation menu in the top left corner.
    navigating to workflows in the global menu and then clicking create new workflow
  2. Go to Workflows.
  3. Click Create a workflow.
  4. Determine whether the workflow should be Started by an event (i.e. event-based), or Started at a specific time (i.e. scheduled). For a comparison of these options, see Scheduled Workflows vs. Event-Based Workflow. Most of the time, you’ll use a scheduled workflow.
    choosing what starts the workflow, and clicking get started
  5. Click Get started.
  6. If desired, rename your workflow.
    renaming the action, setting a schedule, and adding a task
  7. If using a scheduled workflow, determine when the workflow runs. If using an event-based workflow, determine the event that begins the workflow.
  8. Click the plus sign ( + ), select Task, and choose the data extracting task that imports data into Qualtrics. You must first set up a data extracting task before you can use the load users into CX Directory task. See using workflows tasks to build ETL workflows for more information. Your task must import the following fields: Unique Identifier, Username, FirstName, LastName, and Email.
    Qtip: We recommend using the extract data from SFTP files task. The users example file is configured for use with this task.
    Qtip: There is a maximum file size of 100 MB.
  9. After setting up your extracting task, click the plus sign ( + ) and select Task.
    clicking the plus sign and then task
  10. Choose the Load Users into CX Directory task.
    selecting the load users into cx directory task
  11. Select the data extracting task you set up earlier.
    choosing the import task, and them mapping fields
  12. Begin mapping your imported data fields to CX user attributes using the dropdown menus. Fields marked with an asterisk are required.
    Qtip: By default, all existing CX user attributes in your license will be included in your mapping. You can remove any unneeded fields by clicking the trash can icon next to the field.
    Qtip: If your source field and CX directory field names match exactly, then they will be automatically mapped for you!
  13. If needed, click the blue plus sign ( + ) below a field to map individual field values. This is useful if you want to use different data values in Qualtrics.
    mapping individual values for fields, adding fields, and deleting fields until all fields are mapped

    Example: In the above screenshot, the value “Europe” from our imported data file will be saved as “EMEA” in Qualtrics.
  14. If needed, click Add field to add additional fields to your mapping. When adding a new field, you can map to an existing CX user attribute, or create a new one.
    Qtip: If creating a new field, you must give the field a name. Be careful when naming your field, as you cannot edit or delete it without contacting your Brand Administrator.
    adding a new user attribute
  15. Click the trash can icon next to a field mapping to delete it.
    Qtip: You must remove any unmapped CX user attributes.
  16. A Mapped Values counter is at the bottom of the task to track your mapping progress. Make sure that all imported fields are mapped.
  17. When finished, click Save.
    Qtip: The task will not let you save if your mapping is incomplete. If the Save button is grayed-out, then double-check your mapping.
  18. Toggle your workflow On.
    toggling the action on

When the workflow runs, your users will be imported to Qualtrics and saved in your CX user admin.

Troubleshooting Tips

This section covers common issues that can appear when setting up this task.

  • After selecting the task, you may see the error Directory not found, try reloading the page. This error appears if your license does not have access to CX user admin. To enable CX user admin, contact your Customer Success Representative.
  • After selecting the task, you may see the error Unique ID is required to be enabled to use this extension. This error appears when your license does not have unique identifiers. To enable unique identifiers, contact your Customer Success Representative.
  • If the Save button is grayed-out, then that means your mapping is not complete. Make sure that all of your imported fields are included as indicated by the field counter in the lower left corner. Additionally, make sure that any fields included in the task are completely mapped.
    a field is not mapped and the save button is greyed out