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Submitting a Product Idea

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About Submitting a Product Idea

Did you know that you can have an impact on the Qualtrics product? You can leave feature requests for our product team to consider when planning the future roadmap!

As of October 1, 2019, how you file a feature request has changed. We require that you login to Qualtrics XM Community with your Qualtrics account credentials to post a feature request (idea) in the Product Ideas category. To learn more about this process, review the announcements found in the Ideation Guidelines subcategory of Product Ideas on the community.

Warning: You must be logged in to Qualtrics XM Community to view Product Ideas. If you login to community and do not see the Product Ideas category, you are using a free account. Only users with a paid Qualtrics account are able to submit, view, and upvote / downvote ideas in the Product Ideas category. Contact Sales if you’d like to learn more about upgrading to a Qualtrics license.

Creating A Qualtrics XM Community Account

Qtip: If you already have a Qualtrics XM Community account, go to the next section, Posting a New Idea.
  1. Navigate to www.qualtrics.com/community.
  2. Select Sign in to Community.
    Sign in button in upper-right of community when you visit the homepage
  3. Enter your Qualtrics account credentials.
    Login page looks just like on the main platform
  4. Click Sign In.

Qtip: If your organization uses SSO, select Sign in with SSO. You will be redirected to your organization’s login portal and prompted to fill in your credentials. If you are not redirected to your login portal, you will be asked for your email address and a link will be sent to your email with next steps.

Sign in with sso link bottom of login page

Qtip: If you have any issues creating a Qualtrics XM Community account, follow the steps on Solutions for Organization ID Login Errors.

Using Advanced Search to Find an Idea

  1. Sign in to Qualtrics XM Community.
  2. Use the search bar to see if your idea has already been posted.
    Search bar at top of the community
  3. Select the dropdown arrow to the right of the search bar.
    Step 3 of advances search on community
  4. Select Product Ideas under Category.
    Steps 4-6 of advanced search on community
  5. Check the box next to search subcategories.
  6. Click Search. The new search results will now only display ideas posted in the Product Ideas subcategories.

Posting a New Idea

  1. Sign in to Qualtrics XM Community.
  2. Use the search bar to see if your idea has already been posted. Follow the steps in the section above to ensure you only yield results with ideas.
    Search bar at top of the community

    Qtip: If your idea has already been posted by another user, please do not create a new post. Instead, upvote the existing idea, and leave a comment explaining your specific use case.
  3. If your idea has not been posted, select Product Ideas from the menu on the left side of the page.
    Product ideation to left
  4. Select the subcategory that best suits your idea.

    Qtip: If you are not sure which category to post your idea in, you can review the Product Areas Guide.
  5. Click New Idea.
    New idea button in black, upper-left
  6. Enter a title for your new idea.
    Post page with line for title and post body

    Qtip: Be sure your idea’s title is short and concise. This is how users will be able to search for your idea.
  7. Fill in the bulk of your idea.
    Qtip: To ensure your idea has all of the necessary information needed by the Product Management team, be sure to follow the How to Write a Good Product Idea (Template) post.
  8. Add tags for your idea. For example, if your idea is about changing the design of a widget for CX Dashboards, you may want to use tags like Widget, CX Dashboard, Visualization, Widget Design.
  9. Click Save to post your idea.

Upvoting, Downvoting, and Providing Feedback on Ideas

If you do not have new ideas you would like to post on Qualtrics XM Community, you can still help shape the future of the product roadmap by upvoting, downvoting, and commenting on ideas.

  1. Sign in to Qualtrics XM Community.
    Sign in button upper-right of community
  2. Navigate to the Product Ideas category.
    Product ideas button to upper-left on community homepage
  3. Select a Product Area you’d like to focus on.
  4. Upvote or downvote an idea by clicking on the arrows displayed in the idea counter box to the right of an idea post.
    Number of votes to right of the idea

    Qtip: By default, you will be notified when your idea’s status changes and when the status changes of an idea you’ve voted on. To change these preferences, go to your community profile, select the profile dropdown icon to the right of your name, and click Edit Profile. From there, select Notification Preferences from the menu on the left side of the page and adjust the settings as needed. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select Save Preferences.
    Profile notification settings
  5. If you would like to provide additional feedback on an idea, click the title.
    Clicking name of an idea
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the post and write your feedback.
    Place for making post at bottom of a thread
  7. Select Post Comment.