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Social Media Distribution

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About Social Media Distribution

The Social Media section in the Distributions tab makes it easy to post your survey to social media websites. Qualtrics currently supports the following sites:

    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • Reddit
    • LinkedIn
    • Pinterest

    When sharing a survey through social media, the social media site the respondent comes from will be recorded in each response as Embedded Data. Simply add an Embedded Data field to your survey and name it Q_SocialSource. You can access and report on this data the same way you access and report on all other Embedded Data fields.

    Qtip: The survey name and description that appears when you post your survey on social media is the Survey Title and Meta Description. These can be edited by opening the Survey Options. Make sure yours are the way you want them before you post to social media, or the social media site might cache your original title and description for a few days!
    Qtip: When you post a survey on social media, a logo will appear with the meta description and title. This logo is included when you create your own theme. You can also request to modify this logo on an old theme of yours. See the Branded Themes page on how to submit a theme request.

Posting Your Survey

  1. In the Distributions tab, click the Social Media section. 
    Social Media page found in lefthand pane of Distributions tab
  2. Click your preferred social media platform.
    Image of available social media distributions
  3. Fill out the login prompt (if you are already logged in, you won’t see the prompt).
    Facebook login prompt
  4. Follow the subsequent prompts from the social media site to post your survey link.
    Composed Facebook post with survey included prior to posting
Qtip: Qualtrics uses pop-ups to connect to these various social media platforms. If you’re having difficulty accessing these features, try enabling pop-ups.

Incorrect Survey Title & Description

Sometimes when you post a survey to Facebook or LinkedIn, you’ll notice the title and description of the survey seem incorrect. This section will go over the steps to fix this issue.

A Qualtrics link posted to Facebook

Qtip: Test your link on Facebook by posting privately to your wall or by sending the links over Messenger to a colleague who’s working on the project with you. This prevents your test subjects from seeing the survey link before you get it right.

Changing the Survey Title & Meta Description

First, make sure you have the correct title and description set. Edit this information in the Survey Title and Meta Description section of the Survey Options.

Survey Title and Survey Metadata fields under Survey Experience

Facebook Debug

Once you post your link to Facebook, it’ll cache the information. This means if you post your link with the wrong information set, the wrong information may continue to appear even after you fix the Survey Title and Meta Description.

To fix this and make your new edits appear instead, go to https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug. Note, you’ll need to log in to your Facebook account to use this tool. Paste your anonymous link into the box provided and click Debug. This will re-cache the description and title and when you paste it in, you will get the current information from your Survey Options. This may take about 10-20 minutes to update on Facebook’s end.

Qtip: If you have additional questions about Facebook’s debug tool, please reach out to Facebook’s support team.

LinkedIn Debug

Once you post your link to LinkedIn, it’ll cache the preview content for 7 days. This means that your Survey Title and Meta Description may continue to display information that you’ve since updated.

To make your edits appear, go to https://www.linkedin.com/post-inspector/inspect . Note, you’ll need to log in to your LinkedIn account to use this tool. Paste your anonymous link into the box provided and click Inspect. When you click Inspect, you should see an updated preview showing the new Survey Title and Meta Description. You can now share the updated version of your survey.

Qtip: If you have additional questions about LinkedIn’s inspect tool, please reach out to LinkedIn’s support team.