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Health Connect Event

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About Health Connect Events

The Health Connect event allows you to integrate with your Electronic Health Record (EHR) system in order to begin an action workflow in Qualtrics based on events in your EHR system. For example, you can trigger the event when a patient is discharged from one of your facilities, sending them a follow-up survey about their experience.

Attention: This feature is an add-on to your Qualtrics license. For more information about access to this feature, contact either your Account Executive or Customer Success Representative. When enabling this feature for you, they will assist in integrating your EHR system with Qualtrics.

Setting Up a Health Connect Event

Once you’ve had this feature enabled for your license and your EHR system has been integrated, you’re ready to set up your actions.

  1. In the Actions page, click Create an Action.
    creating a new event based action
  2. Select Event-based.
  3. Rename your action, if desired.
    creating a new action, and clicking choose event
  4. Click Choose Event.
  5. Select Health Connect.
    the event selection window with the health connect event highlighted
  6. Choose the desired HL7 event. You have two different options:
    choosing to use either ADT or ORU health connect events

    • Health Connect ADT: Base the action on admission, discharge, transfer, and registration (ADT) events. More information about each available event is in the following steps.
    • Health Connect ORU: Base the action on observation results (ORU) events, such as lab results and imaging study reports. More information about each available event is in the following steps.
  7. Click Next.
  8. If you selected Health Connect ADT, choose the HL7 events you want to trigger the action. You can select multiple events. Your options include:
    selecting the ADT events we want to look for

    Click here to see a list of all ADT events.
    • A01 – Admit/Visit Notification
    • A02 – Transfer a Patient
    • A03 – Discharge/end visit
    • A04 – Register a patient
    • A05 – Pre-Admit a Patient
    • A06 – Change an outpatient to an inpatient
    • A07 – Change an inpatient to an outpatient
    • A08 – Update Patient Information
    • A09 – Patient Departing – Tracking
    • A10 – Patient Arriving – Tracking
    • A11 – Cancel Admit/Visit Notification
    • A12 – Cancel Transfer
    • A13 – Cancel Discharge / End Visit
    • A14 – Pending Admit
    • A15 – Pending Transfer
    • A16 – Pending Discharge
    • A17 – Swap Patients
    • A18 – Merge Patient Information
    • A20 – Bed Status Update
    • A21 – Patient Goes on a Leave of Absence
    • A22 – Patient Returns from a Leave of Absence
    • A23 – Delete a Patient Record
    • A24 – Link Patient Information
    • A25 – Cancel Pending Discharge
    • A26 – Cancel Pending Transfer
    • A27 – Cancel Pending Admit
    • A28 – Add Person or Patient Information
    • A29 – Delete Person Information
    • A30 – Merge Person Information
    • A31 – Update Person Information
    • A32 – Cancel Patient Arriving – Tracking
    • A33 – Cancel Patient Departing – Tracking
    • A34 – Merge Patient Information – Patient ID Only
    • A35 – Merge Patient Information – Account Number Only
    • A36 – Merge Patient Information – Patient ID & Account Number
    • A37 – Unlink Patient Information
    • A38 – Cancel Pre-Admit
    • A39 – Merge Person – Patient ID
    • A40 – Merge Patient – Patient Identifier List
    • A41 – Merge Account – Patient Account Number
    • A42 – Merge Visit – Visit Number
    • A43 – Move Patient Information – Patient Identifier List
    • A44 – Move Account Information – Patient Account Number
    • A45 – Move Visit Information – Visit Number
    • A46 – Change Patient ID
    • A47 – Change Patient Identifier List
    • A48 – Change Alternate Patient ID
    • A49 – Change Patient Account Number
    • A50 – Change Visit Number
    • A51 – Change Alternate Visit ID
    • A52 – Cancel Leave of Absence for a Patient
    • A53 – Cancel Patient Returns from a Leave of Absence
    • A54 – Change Attending Doctor
    • A55 – Cancel Change Attending Doctor
    • A60 – Update Adverse Reaction Information
    • A61 – Change Consulting Doctor
    • A62 – Cancel Change Consulting Doctor
  9. If you selected Health Connect ORU, choose the HL7 events you want to trigger the action. You can select multiple events. Your options include:
    choosing the ORU events to look for

    Click here to see a list of all ORU events.
    • R01 – Unsolicited Observation Transmission
    • R30 – Unsolicited Point-of-Care Observation Message Without Existing Order – Plan An Order
    • R31 – Unsolicited New Point-Of-Care Observation Message – Search For An Order
    • R32 – Unsolicited Pre-Ordered Point-Of-Care Observation
    • W01 – Waveform result, unsolicited transmission of requested information
  10. When done selecting events, cick Finish.
  11. Click the plus sign (+) to add conditions and a task to your action. Conditions determine when your action fires while tasks are what happens when your action fires.
    clicking the plus sign in the actions editor to add tasks and conditions

    Example: In this example, we created a condition so that the action will only fire when the Building field (from the event in our EHR system) is equal to Cardio.
    creating a condition for when building name is equal to cardio
    Example: You could use the XM Directory task to send a survey, the tickets task to create a Qualtrics ticket, or the email task to send an email.
Qtip: Don’t forget to toggle your action on after you create it!
the on/off toggle for an action
Qtip: Download this table for a mapping table for the HealthConnect Event.