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Insert a Downloadable File

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About Inserting a Downloadable File

Sometimes you’ll want to attach extra information for your respondents to download— like a consent form, additional reading, or report. By using our Insert File feature, you can include a link in your survey that respondents can click to download any file to their device.

Qtip: The instructions below are for inserting a file into a question in the Survey tab, but you can insert a file wherever you have access to the Rich Content Editor (Header/Footer in the Look & Feel, emails, etc.).

How To Insert a File

  1. Navigate to the Survey tab and click in the question text you want to edit.
    On the Survey tab, a question has been clicked and the text is being edited
  2. Click the Rich Content Editor tab.
    On top of the question text editing box, there's a button that says Rich Content Editor
  3. Click More
    More... button
  4. Click the Insert File icon. 
    Icon first on second row of editor looks like a page with a corner folded
  5. Choose a file from your Files Library, or upload a new file from your computer by clicking Upload a New File.
    Uploading a new PDF

    Qtip: You can upload any non-executable file up to 16MB in size.
  6. Place the file link where you would like it to appear in your question text.
    A question where a file has been inserted. The file name appears clickable in blue font

Your respondents can now click the link to download the file.