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Insert a Downloadable File

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IntroductionInserting a File


Sometimes you’ll want to attach extra information for your respondents to download— like a consent form, additional reading, or report. By using our Insert File feature, you can include a link in your survey that respondents can click to download any file to their device.

Qtip: The instructions below are for inserting a file into a question in the Survey module, but you can insert a file wherever you have access to the Rich Content Editor (Header/Footer in the Look & Feel, emails, etc.).

Inserting a File

      1. Navigate to the Survey module and click in the question text you want to edit.image01
      2. Click the Rich Content Editor tab.image02
      3. Click the Insert File icon.image04
      4. Choose a file from your Files Library, or upload a new file from your computer by clicking Upload a New File.image03
        Qtip: You can upload any non-executable file up to 16MB in size. For information on uploading file sizes larger than 16 MB, please contact your Qualtrics Account Executive.
      5. Place the file link where you would like it to appear in your question text.image00

Your respondents can now click the link to download the file.