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Export Unique Links in XM Directory

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Qtip: XM Directory is an improvement upon the old Target Audience, with user interface (UI) changes made to integrate more seamlessly with the XM platform. If you do not have XM Directory and would like to purchase access, contact your Account Executive.

About Exporting Unique Links in XM Directory

Instead of emailing contacts from XM Directory, you can also create a spreadsheet of links for each contact in a mailing list, each contact in a sample, or a single contact. Personal links like these allow you to decide a different method of distribution outside of Qualtrics.

Qtip: If you are collaborating on a survey with another user who doesn’t have XM Directory, you will not be able to use your mailing lists to distribute the survey. If you must distribute, make a copy of the survey on your account, or be sure to create the surveys on your account going forward.

The type of links generated by this option are personal links. Personal links can save information about the contact with their survey response. However, they can only be used once.

Personal links get a distribution history  just like email distributions do. Responses to be completed with personal links also appear in the directory contacts’ individual history.

  1. In the Distributions tab, click Create distribution.
    the distributions tab in xm directory. the create distribution button is selected
  2. Select Unique link.
    the distributions tab in xm directory. the unique link option is selected
  3. Click Continue.
  4. Select the survey you are generating links for.
    Selecting a survey

    Qtip: You can use the search bar and folder dropdown list to locate your survey.
  5. Click Send this Survey.
  6. Select the mailing list or sample you’d like to email. Or, if desired, send to a single contact.
    Selecting a mailing list

    Qtip: You can use the search bar and folder dropdown list to locate your list or sample.
  7. Click Send to List.
  8. Choose whether the links will expire within a set number of days, or customize an exact date they will expire.
    Selecting link expiration
  9. Click Continue.
  10. Review the content. Click Edit next to any field to go back and change it.
    Blue Export Personal Links button in upper-right
  11. Click Export Personal Links. This will save the spreadsheet of links to your computer.
    Qtip: Don’t leave the page until this file has downloaded. If you leave by accident, download the distribution history in the Outbox to get your links.

Send to Single Contact

You can also generate links for an individual contact in a mailing list. Once you have reached the Select Recipients page, select a mailing list and then select Send to Single Contact.

Send to a single contact button in white

Qtip: You cannot generate a link for an individual contact if you have a sample selected. You must have a mailing list selected.

Once you’ve moved to the next page, you can select the contact you wish to generate a link for. Remember that you can only choose one at a time and that only members of the mailing list are shown.

Selecting a contact

After selecting the desired contact, click Send to Single Contact to proceed with creating your links or select Choose New List to choose another mailing list instead.