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Distributions Tab (PX)

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About Conjoint and MaxDiff Distributions

There are many different ways that you can distribute conjoints or MaxDiff projects. For example, you may want to email the survey directly to respondents. You may simply want to post a link on your website. You may also want to text a link to the survey. All of these options and more are available to you.

With a few exceptions described below, distributing conjoint and MaxDiff projects is the same as distributing a survey project. So please see the Distributions Basic Overview for more details, while keeping the exceptions in mind.

There are two different ways to get to the Distributions tab so you can send your project out.

The main way is to simply click the Distributions tab on the top-left.

Distributions tab below breadcrumb bar but above rest of the project

Overview Tab

If you are on the Overview tab and haven’t distributed yet, you can click Collect Responses.


If you’ve completed this step, the button will change to say View Distribution Options.



You can also reach Distributions from the Survey tab, where you edit the project’s appearance and additional non-conjoint / non-MaxDiff questions and settings. When you click Publish for the first time, you will be brought to a new window.

Publish window is open. In the background analyze and publish is highlighted

On this window, you can copy the anonymous link, or you can click distributions section to view other distribution options.

Publishing a survey and being presented with the anonymous link

Distributions Incompatible with Conjoints and MaxDiff

There are two types of distributions that are incompatible with Conjoint and MaxDiff projects.