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Text iQ Bubble Chart Widget (CX)

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About the Text iQ Bubble Chart Widget

Attention: This page is about the use of Text iQ bubble chart widgets directly inside a CX Dashboard. While it works almost exactly like the Text iQ feature, the setup and location is different, and you must have access to Text iQ in CX Dashboards.

Text iQ bubble chart widgets provide a way to visualize the sentiment breakdown of each of the text topics analyzed in the dashboard Text iQ tool. These widgets provide a great way to display common topics of feedback and customers’ feelings on those topics.

This page goes over the setup necessary to create a Text iQ bubble chart in your CX Dashboard. To understand how to read a Text iQ bubble chart, see the Bubble Chart page from the Survey Platform. The interpretation of data is similar across all areas of the platform.

Dashboard Text iQ Setup

Before you use the Text iQ bubble chart, make sure you have the appropriate Text iQ data set up in your dashboard.

Mapping Initial Dashboard Data

When adding a feedback source, whether it’s survey data or an imported CSV, make sure you change the feedback questions to the Open Text field type.

Mapped open text field

Text iQ

Before a Text iQ bubble chart can be generated, it needs to have dashboard Text iQ data.

  1. Enter your dashboard’s Text iQ.
    Button that looks like a constellation chart. When hovering a black bubble says analyze in Text iQ. Upper-right of dashboard
  2. Create topics.
    Text iQ open in dashboard settings
  3. Apply changes.
Qtip: Text iQ bubble chart widgets are only compatible with text analysis performed in the dashboard. Even if you have mapped survey text analysis to your dashboard, it cannot be used in these widgets.

Widget Customization

Exit Text iQ and return to a page of the dashboard to add a Text iQ bubble chart widget.

Adding a text iQ bubble widget to a dashboard page


Select the topic you would like to visualize in the widget. If you haven’t added topics to this field yet, no data will appear in the widget.

Source dropdown shows all topics passed through the Text iQ

Sentiment Colors

Click the color next to a sentiment to choose a new color. To remove your changes, click Reset to Default.

Color corresponds to ring on bubble and color in legend


Add a filter to your widget.

filter button on widget in upper-right and on the widget editing panel to the farthest right

Filtering by Topic

As you click on topics in your Text iQ bubble chart widget, you filter down the rest of the dashboard page. Therefore, it can be incredibly valuable to pair other demographic or scoring information on the same page as this widget. That way, when you select different topics, you can narrow down data on the people who discussed these topics.

  1. Select a topic bubble.
    arrow pointing to the menu bubble in our bubble widget
  2. See how the Text iQ bubble chart is now narrowed down to the terms in a topic, and how the pivot table widget displaying sentiment scores has adjusted.
    Bubbles are just terms like burger and food and sauce, and they're blue; values in other table changed
  3. Use the dropdown to adjust the page filters, or remove the filter altogether.
    Filters added to top of page, can be adjusted