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Contact List Triggers


Whether you are looking to create an email list for future survey distributions or need to update your contacts, Contact List Triggers can help you do it all automatically. Contact List Triggers allow you to construct your own contact list using survey results without having to manually add each contact separately. This kind of trigger can also be used to update an existing contact list with new information, saving you time and unnecessary steps to make sure your contact list is up to date.

Creating a Contact List Trigger

  1. In the Survey module, include a question in your survey that asks for the respondent’s name, email address, and any other information you would like included in the contact list.
  2. Click Tools, hover over Triggers, and select Contact List Triggers.
  3. Click Add a Condition to set the trigger to add respondents to the contact list when the survey is completed AND a specified condition is met (otherwise, the trigger will add contacts any time a respondent completes the survey).

    Qtip: A Contact List Trigger will only work if the respondent completes the survey. Partial completes will not cause the Contact List Trigger to fire.
  4. Click Please Select next to Contact List, choose My Library or any other library that contains your desired contact list, and select which contact list to use (you can also choose to click on New Contact List to create a new list).
  5. If desired, enable or disable Update existing list members or Unsubscribe the list member (when enabled, any previous contact from the contact list selected in the trigger will have their contact information updated or will be unsubscribed from the list, respectively).

    Qtip: Update existing contact list members will only update if the Individual Link or Multiple Completes Link is used and the survey invitation was sent to the selected contact list in the trigger. Otherwise, a new contact will be created in the contact list instead.
  6. Click None next to the Contact List fields (such as First Name, Last Name, and Email) to select which item from the survey should be used as the value for that field. The values can be set from survey questions, Embedded Data, or previously recorded recipient information.image00
    Qtip: A new contact will only be added if the Email field is left blank or is in the form of a valid email address. If the email is in an invalid format, the contact won’t be added.
  7. If desired, select fields to be saved as the respondent’s External Data Reference and Language
  8. If needed, click Add additional fields and specify the Embedded Data field you would like created and the question that will populate the value of the field.
  9. Click Finish Editing and then click Save Triggers.

    Qtip: Remove an Email Trigger by clicking Finish Editing and then Delete.

You can add as many Contact List Triggers as you want, changing the conditions, contact list, recipient information as needed.