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Mobile App Prompt Creative

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Attention: You are reading about a feature not included in a standard license with access to Website Feedback. To learn more or purchase access, talk to your Account Executive.

About the Mobile App Prompt Creative

Mobile App Prompt Creatives allow you to collect feedback on your mobile app instead of a website. Once you have purchased access to this feature, the Mobile App Prompt is available alongside other Creatives.

To learn about the process of setting up a Mobile App Feedback project, go to the linked support page.

The Create New Creative window with Mobile app Prompt selected and the Create Creative button highlighted on the lower-right

Qtip: The Mobile App Prompt Creative is compatible with both Android and iOS.


In the Title section, you can specify the title text for the mobile creative. You can also customize the color, font size, and alignment that you need for the title text.

The Title section of the Design area. Editing options are in the center and a preview appears to the right.


In the Description section, you can specify what text to display on your mobile creative. You can also customize the color, font size, and alignment that you need for this text.

Although the font sizes offered are the same, the Description will always appear smaller than the Title.

The Description section of the Design area. Editing options are in the center and a preview appears to the right.

Qtip: If the Description text is too long, it will scroll on some devices.


In the Buttons section, you can decide on the number and styling of the buttons that will go on your mobile Creative.

  • Number of Buttons: You can only have one or two.
  • Button Style: Choose between Standard (shown below), Full-Width (flat buttons that stretch across the entire Creative), and Text.
  • Border Radius: This option only appears for Standard buttons. Adjust whether the button’s corners are rounded or sharp.
  • Link Alignment: Only appears with Standard and Text links. Determine how the buttons are aligned with the Creative, not each other.
  • Link Color: This replaces many button customization options when Text is selected for Button Style. Determine the font color of the links. They must be the same.

To edit the settings for the first button, make sure you have Button One selected. When you want to move on to Button Two, make sure Button Two is selected.

Once a button is selected, you have several text and color options to choose from for each button. You can also change the Button Action (button behavior: Use to close intercept (the button closes the intercept), OR Display the intercept target behavior (e.g., bring up a survey).

Qtip: SDK versions 1.6 and greater will also have the button action Use to solicit app reviews. See the attached support page for more details.
Qtip: If you only choose to show one button, then the button action can only be to close the intercept. This is typically done for cases where the mobile creative is being used to show a message.

Size & Style

In the Size & Style section, you can control the spacing between the title, description and buttons. You can also control:

  • Content Spacing: How far apart the content is.
  • Intercept Color: Background color of the Creative
  • Border Radius: Whether the corners are rounded or sharp.
  • Drop Shadow: The shadow outlining the Creative.
  • Background Screen: When the Mobile App Prompt is shown, you will see a background color for the screen behind it. This can be useful for drawing attention to your Creative and shutting out distractions. In this example, it’s a light gray.

The Size and Style section of the Design area. Editing options are in the center and a preview appears to the right.


On the far-right, there is always a preview of your design.

You can adjust whether this preview is for a Tablet or Phone in the first dropdown, and whether the screen orientation is Portrait or Landscape in the second dropdown.

Preview on the far-right. Two dropdowns to adjust the preview appear along the upper-right

Mobile App Prompt Creatives are responsive to screen size and orientation. This means that your Creative will do its best to accommodate different conditions, and may look a little different from the preview, depending on the device, the screen size, and whether the screen has been turned to the side.

Save Creative and Publish Creative

Attention: Mobile App Prompts are the only Creative that don’t save your changes automatically. When you have made changes and want to leave the page, always click Save Changes.

Save Changes and Publish Creative button in upper-right

When you’re finished editing and would like your changes to appear on the app, click Publish Creative in the upper-right.

Setting Up Intercepts & Integrating with a Mobile App

For information on how to set up the rest of the Mobile App SDK, see Mobile App Feedback Projects.