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Microsoft Teams Task

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About the Microsoft Teams Task

The Microsoft Teams task allows you to receive alerts in your Teams channels based on activity in your Qualtrics account. When a survey response is submitted (or another event occurs in Qualtrics), you can trigger a Microsoft Teams message to be sent to the channels of your choice. With this functionality, you can disseminate important feedback and information faster, rather than relying on email notifications.

Qtip: You must have a Qualtrics license and access to Microsoft Teams in order to use this feature.

Setting Up a Microsoft Teams Task

Qtip: To learn more about teams and channels, please see the support documentation for Microsoft Teams.
  1. Navigate to the Workflows page in your survey or in the global Workflows page.
    choosing create a new workflow and then event based
  2. Click Create a workflow.
  3. Create a Scheduled or Event-based workflow. See Scheduled Workflows vs. Event-Based Workflows for a comparison of each.
  4. Determine the schedule (if scheduled) or the event (if event-based) that triggers your task.
    choosing the survey event, adding conditions, and choosing the task
  5. If desired, click the plus sign ( + ) and then Conditions to set up conditions for your workflow. Conditions determine when the workflow fires.
  6. Click the plus sign ( + ) and then Task.
  7. Select Microsoft Teams.
    selecting the microsoft teams task
  8. Choose the Microsoft account to use. You may use any accounts you’ve previously connected, or any accounts set up for use by your Brand Administrator.
    choosing an account or adding a new one
  9. To add a new account, click Add user account. See Integrating with Microsoft Teams for more information.
  10. Click Next
  11. Select your Team.
    choosing the team, recipient, and entering a message

    Qtip: If you do not see your desired team, then you must first add the Qualtrics app to your team. You can also click the Add new Team link to quickly add a new team.
    the add new team link in the task
  12. Choose who you want to receive the message. You can send the message to Members of a channel, or to An individual user in a private conversation. After making your selection, use the dropdown menu to choose the specific recipient(s).
  13. Compose the Message you want to send to your teams / channels. This message supports HTML markup.
    Qtip: Use the {a} button to generate piped text.
  14. When finished, click Save.

Integrating with Microsoft Teams

If no one in your Qualtrics brand has used a Microsoft Teams task before, you will need to follow the steps in this section the first time you’re setting up a task:

  1. Click on the Add user account button.
    Add user account button in blue
  2. Create an account name. This can be anything that will help you identify the account later.
    Adding an account name
  3. Click Connect account.
  4. Sign into your Microsoft Teams account.
    Microsoft login window

Adding the Qualtrics App to a Team

Before you can send a message to a Team, you must add the Qualtrics app to that Team. See this Microsoft Teams support page for more information.