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User Divisions

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About User Divisions

As a Brand Administrator, you have the ability to set up Divisions. With Divisions, you can segment your license into smaller entities. You can give different Divisions specific permissions for their users, and you can give specific users full administrative access for other users within their own Division.

Division-level administrators can be helpful if you have natural divisions within your organization that each need their own administrative control, such as different teams, departments, or colleges.

Creating Divisions

  1. Navigate to the Admin page.
    image of the division section of the admin tab. The Create a New Organization Division in the top right is highlighted
  2. Select Divisions.
  3. Click Create a New Organization Division.
  4. Name the Division.
    Option for Division details, and permissions settings checkboxes
  5. If desired, set a Blind Carbon Copy email address. This means that all emails sent by users in the division will be copied to this address. This includes Email distributionsEmail Triggers, and sending emails to a contact list.
  6. If desired, adjust the Division Branding Options.
    • Custom CSS: Allows you to add a link to a CSS file that will be applied to the footer of your account. Only users in the Division will see this.
    • Custom Page Logo: Allows you to add your organization’s logo to the bottom-left corner of your Qualtrics account. Only users in the Division will see this.
      Custom CSS section and Custom Page Logo section in Division Branding Options
  7. Click the checkboxes to enable or disable permissions for the Division.
    Qtip: These Division permissions will be applied to every account that is a part of the division. This process is similar to setting permissions for User Types and Group Types.
  8. Click Save.

Adding Users to a Division

Qtip: Users can only be assigned to one division at any given time. You must assign users to the division when you create it; simply creating the division will not automatically add users to the division.
  1. Navigate to the Admin page.
    image of the division section in the admin tab. The Add button next to a division is highlighted for adding users to the division
  2. Select Divisions.
  3. Select Add to the right of the Division name.
  4. Search for the users you want to add.
    image of the add user to division screen. The search button is on the right side and the fields for searching by username and email are present.

    Qtip: You can select multiple users by holding Ctrl or Cmd when you click. To select two users and everyone in between, hold Shift and click the first and last user.
  5. Click Add.

You can also add a user to a division by searching for the username in the Users tab. Then click on the username and set a Division by choosing from the Divisions dropdown.

Division dropdown menu on righthand side of user page

Assigning a Division Administrator

Division Administrators are only able to access and make changes to users in their Division; they will be able to add users from their Division to Groups that they’ve created, but they cannot add users to other Divisions or to Groups they have not created. Division Administrators will still be able to create new users, but when they do so, the user will automatically be added to the Division Administrator’s Division.

Qtip: Division Administrators will have access to the metadata of all users in the brand if they have the Access Organization Address Book permission enabled.

Brand Administrators will still be able to access the account settings of all users regardless of Division.

Qtip: To be an administrator for a Division, the user must first be added to the Division.
  1. Navigate to the Admin page.
    image of the divisions section of the admin tab. A division name is highlighted for editing division details.
  2. Select Divisions.
  3. Click on the Division name.
  4. Click the Division Administrator checkbox next to user’s name. All users in the Division will be listed here.
    Division Administrator check boxes above division permissions to the left of Users
  5. Click Save.

Division Administrator Access

Division Administrators can only affect accounts within their division. They have access to the Summary Report, Users, User Types, Groups, and Group Types tabs, but the content in these tabs is limited by data and users in their division.

Unlike the Brand Administrator, Division Administrators cannot edit Organization Settings and cannot request changes to the following:

  • Email domains, SPF records, and SMTP
  • SSO Settings
  • Login URL
  • Self-Enrollment
  • Survey Description
  • Survey Approver/Aprovee
  • Brand Logo
  • Themes
  • Coupon Codes

Removing Users from a Division

  1. Navigate to the Admin page.
    image of the divisions section of the admin tab. A division name is highlighted for editing division details.
  2. Select Divisions.
  3. Click on the name of the division you would like to remove users from.
  4. Click Remove next to the user’s name. This will only remove the user from the Division; it will not delete their account.
    Remove Option in Actions column to the right of Users
  5. Click Save

Deleting a Division

To delete a Division, click Delete in the Actions column for the specific Division you would like removed.

Image of the division section of the admin tab. The delete button to the right of a division is highlighted.

Setting a Default Division

Once you’ve created a Division, you can set that Division as the default when users self-enroll into your license. Just select the checkbox next to the desired Division in the Self-Enrollment column.

image of the divisions section of the admin tab. The self-enrollment check box is to the left of the division name.

Division Branding Options

Brand Administrators can edit the logo and CSS for a division. Division Administrators must request these changes from their Brand Administrator.

  1. In the Divisions tab, click the name of a division.
    Divisions tab
  2. Click Division Branding Options.
    Edit Division window
  3. Paste a custom CSS URL into the field. Click Clear to get rid of these changes.
    Division Branding Options window
  4. Either Choose File to upload a logo from your computer or Use a graphic from the web to paste an image URL in.
  5. Click Done.
  6. Click Save.

Once a logo has been saved, it will appear in the bottom left-hand corner of all accounts within the Division.
Image showing the Division Logo in the bottom left hand corner of the account

Qtip: Account logos can also be set on a brand level. Brand Administrators can submit a request to have a logo added to all accounts in their brand by submitting a theme update request through the Support Portal.