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Managing Public Results-Reports

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About Managing Public Results-Reports

You can publish your each of your results-reports to the web. Your associates won’t need to have a Qualtrics account to view the reports; they’ll just need the link you provide. This link will update whenever new responses come in, so that whenever someone opens the link or refreshes the page, they’ll be seeing the most recent data.

Qtip: You can also share your reports by sharing your project to a colleague’s account. Having a shared project allows you to share that project’s Results section directly with your colleagues. You and your colleagues can view, edit, and create reports.

Publishing a Results-Report

  1. Click Share Report.
    manage public report option in share report menu
  2. Select Manage Public Report.
  3. Select Public Report Available.
    manage public report window
  4. To add an access code or password to a public report, select Access Code Protection. This means that only individuals you give the password to can view your work.
  5. Enter a code of your choosing.
  6. Copy the link.
  7. Click Done.
  8. Send the link to whoever you want, or paste the link into a browser to view.

Hiding Pages

Oftentimes, there will be certain pages or worksheets you don’t want to display in your published report. To hide a page, simply click the Page Options menu and select Hide Page.

page options in the upper right of the page has a hide page option

Hidden pages appear grayed out in your page list and and will have a yellow bar across the top of the report editor.

menu along the left of the report shows a greyed out, deselected page, which is hidden in the middle with a yellow banner

At any time, you can choose to again display the page by clicking Page Options again and selecting Unhide Page.