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Kiosk Mode (CX)

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About Kiosk Mode

CX Dashboards is commonly used as a display on television screens or projectors. In Kiosk mode, CX Dashboards will automatically rotate through your pages after 30 seconds or so. There currently is not a way to change the amount of time spent on each page. Your data will be refreshed every time a page is loaded. As such, you need at least two pages in your dashboard if you want your data to refresh automatically. Additionally, scrolling is disabled in Kiosk mode, so ensure that all of your widgets will show up on the screen without scrolling.

Qtip: Kiosk mode will include your private pages and Ticket Reporting pages, although Ticket Reporting pages do not have a Kiosk mode button on them.

Enabling Kiosk Mode

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard that you want to view in Kiosk mode.
  2. Click the Kiosk button.
    Kiosk button (square with one arrow)
  3. When done, hit the Esc key on your keyboard to exit.