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Contacts Management


Once you have created your contact list, you may need to manage or edit the contact list members. You can perform actions such as updating, deleting, and exporting lists from within the Contact Management page. You can access this page by clicking on the name of your contact list.


Clicking on the name of your contact list brings you to your Contact Management page.

This is the contact management page.

List Options

The List Options menu in the top right corner allows you to perform the following actions:


  • Export List: Download a list of your contacts. You can choose which file type, whether to export the Embedded Data, and which member subscription status (all, subscribed, or unsubscribed) to export.
  • Import List: Add new contacts manually or import them by uploading a CSV.
  • Send Email to List: Email your contacts a message (such as an introduction or thank you) that does not include a survey link. Note that emails sent from the Distributions module require a survey link.
  • Generate Sample: Create a subgroup of members from your list to which you can send surveys.
  • Edit List Details: Rename or recategorize your list.
  • Move List: Choose the Destination Panel Library, and edit the Panel Name.

Contact Information

For each of the members in your contact list, you can view the following information:


  • Opted In: The color indicates the contact’s subscription status. Green means that the contact is currently subscribed and will receive emails sent to this list. Gray means that the contact is unsubscribed and will not receive any emails sent to this list.
  • First Last: The name listed for this contact.
  • Email: The email address listed for this contact. This is the default email that will be used when you send an email to this person using the Qualtrics Mailer.

Clicking on a member’s row will display more contact information and give you additional options:


  • Edit: Update or add information (Name, Email, Language, Embedded Data, etc.) to the contact’s entry.image34
  • View History: View a history of the emails sent to and the responses submitted by the contact. This includes survey distributions, reminder emails, thank-you emails, and a survey response history.image04
    Qtip: Mailing history reports the history for that specific contact in that specific list, not the whole list or any other instance of the contact in other lists.

You can also filter your contacts to make locating particular ones easier.

To filter contacts

  1. Click Add Filter.image01
  2. Select which Opt-In statuses you want to see and fill out any other relevant fields.image08
  3. Click the plus button if you wish to add any additional filters for a more specific search.image15
  4. Click Apply Filter.image06
  5. To remove the filter, go to the Filter By area ( or if there are multiple filters, select the Manage Filters button) and select the minus buttons, saving the choices, and then applying the lack of filter.image00

Updating Multiple Contacts

  1. Click on the List Options menu and choose Export List.image19
  2. Set the Format to CSV, Export Embedded Data to Yes, and Subscription Status to whichever group you want to update.image13
  3. Click Export.
  4. Open the exported file and edit the desired contacts and/or fields.image05
    Warning: Do not delete the RecipientID column when editing as this column is required to update the contacts. If you delete this column, importing the CSV will create duplicate contacts. If this happens, and you have not distributed any surveys to your list yet, it is best to delete the list and re-upload it.
  5. Save the file as a CSV.
  6. Back in Qualtrics, click on the List Options menu and choose Import List.image22
  7. Drag and drop your saved CSV into the menu or click Browse and select your file.image27
  8. Review the Verify Fields preview of your list. If a field has not been properly recognized, click on the field name to view a dropdown of options and select the correct field.image20
  9. Click the green Import Contacts button.

Adding New Contacts

You can add new contacts the same way you first placed contacts in your list. Our Contact List Creation page provides step-by-step instructions for adding contacts manually or importing contacts from a file.

Consolidating Duplicates

Qtip: If you don’t have a Consolidate Duplicates button, there aren’t any duplicates in your list.
  1. Click Consolidate Duplicates.image03
  2. Examine the list of contacts with duplicate email addresses and click Consolidate Duplicates for the email address you want to consolidate.image30
  3. Specify which information you’d like to use from each duplicate contact by selecting Variations (Name, External Data Reference, Subscription Status, Language, etc.). Click Save.image24

Unsubscribing Contacts

If you want to keep a contact in your list but no longer want them to receive emails, you can unsubscribe the contact from the email list. Unsubscribed contacts will not receive any future emails sent out to the list, including Reminder and Thank You emails.

To unsubscribe a contact

  1. Click the checkbox next to the name of the contact you want to unsubscribe.image14
  2. Click the With 1 Selected Item menu and choose Opt Out.image07

Once a contact is unsubscribed, their Opt In icon will turn gray. You can opt contacts back in using the same process.

Qtip: Some of your contacts may have already unsubscribed themselves through the Opt Out link, which is provided by default in your email distributions.

Deleting Contacts

Warning: Be careful! Deleting a contact will also delete all of the contact information associated with their survey responses. This information is irretrievable once deleted.
  1. Click the checkbox next to the name of the contact you want to delete.image10
  2. Click the With 1 Selected Item menu and choose Delete.image02