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Pre-Made Qualtrics Library Questions

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About Pre-Made Qualtrics Library Questions

In addition to providing survey templates, Qualtrics has saved some common questions you can put into your survey. For example, have you ever needed your respondents to select a date, but didn’t know how to make a clickable calendar? Have you ever wanted them to select from a list of countries without having to find a list of every single one yourself? The Qualtrics library questions are here to help!

The questions in the Qualtrics library are available to everyone! It has a lot of content and it’s always changing, so remember, you can always check back to see what’s available!

Adding a Question from the Qualtrics Library

  1. In the Survey tab, click the Import from library button.
    Import from library button at bottom of each block in the survey builder
  2. Select Qualtrics Library.
    In the Please Select a Library window, Qualtrics Library is the section option down
  3. Select Survey Library.
    In the Select a Library window, Survey Library is the first option

    Qtip: You can also use the Search bar to locate content! For example, type “date” to see all date-related questions!
  4. Select a category of content.
    Arrows indicating all the choices on the Please Select a Category window
  5. Select a survey to take content from.
    Arrows indicating all the choices on the Please Select a Survey window
  6. Select the question(s) you’d like to import.
    A question is selected in blue from the list on the left of the window. The Import button's on the bottom-right
  7. Click Import Question(s).
Qtip: For more on importing your own library content, visit the Survey Library support page.

Categories of Content Available

Several categories of surveys are available to you. Their content differs based on these categories.

Please Select a Category window

  • Customer Research
  • DEI Survey (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion)
  • Demographics
  • Employee Research
    Attention: This category is being removed at the end of 2021. Use the Employee Engagement category instead.
  • Healthcare Research
  • Higher Education
  • K-12 Education
  • Market Research
  • Website Experience

Certified Questions

Certified questions leverage Qualtrics best practices to generate high-quality, standardized data to accelerate time to insight. By standardizing metrics — for example, age, gender, industry, location, CSAT, etc. — an entire XM workflow can be created that delivers better value in the form of unified datasets for comparative analysis, benchmarks, and continually updated and standardized profiles.

Certified demographic questions use prebuilt questions that collect demographic data from your respondents to automatically push that data to the respondent’s contact entry in your XM Directory. Additionally, demographic data you already have about your respondent will be prefilled in certified questions.

Qtip: For certified questions to work properly, your respondents must be associated with their survey responses. In other words, certified questions do not work for anonymized surveys.
  1. In the survey builder, click Import from library.Import from library button at bottom of each block in the survey builder
  2. Select Qualtrics Library.In the Please Select a Library window, Qualtrics Library is the section option down
    Qtip: Use the search bar in the top right to search for “Qualtrics Certified Questions” to find the certified questions quickly.
  3. Choose Qualtrics Certified Questions.
    choosing the qualtrics certified questions library
  4. Select Demographics.
    selecting demographics
  5. Choose the questions you’d like to import by clicking them.
    choosing the questions and then clicking import
  6. Click Import Questions.
  7. Note all certified questions will be locked so that you cannot edit them. This is to maintain consistency and ensure alignment to XM Directory fields.
    certified questions are indicated with a lock.
  8. To delete unwanted certified questions, click the red minus sign () next to the questions you want to delete.

How Certified Questions Map to Attributes in XM Directory

Below is a table showing which certified question maps to which attributes in your XM Directory.

Attention: You should not edit or delete these attributes from your directory.
Question Text Attribute Name in XM Directory Possible Values
How old are you? Age Range Under 18, 18-24 years old, 25-34 years old, 35-44 years old, 45-54 years old, 55-64 years old, 65+ years old.
How do you describe yourself? Gender Identity Male, Female, Non-binary / third gender, Prefer to self-describe, Prefer not to say.
How many under 18 live with you? Children Count Free response.
What is the highest level of education you have completed? Education Level Some high school or less; High school diploma or GED; Some college, but no degree; Associates or technical degree; Bachelor’s degree; Graduate or professional degree (MA, MS, MBA, PhD, JD, MD, DDS).
What best describes your employment status over the last three months? Employment Status Working full-time, Working part-time, Unemployed and looking for work, A homemaker or stay-at-home parent, Student, Retired, Other.
What is your current marital status? Marital Status Married, Living with a partner, Widowed, Divorced/Separated, Never been married.
How many people live or stay in this household at least half the time? Household Member Count Free response.


Below are examples of some of the most useful pre-made questions. You can find the questions discussed below by typing the Block/Survey name listed in the Search bar.

Search bar in upper-right of the library window

Calendar Question

  • Question Name: Enter a date:
  • Block/Survey: Calendar & Date Questions
  • Category: Demographics
  • Function: Allows you to select a date from a calendar.

Here is what it looks like in the library:

Enter a date is selected from the left, displaying as a simple Text Entry question

Here is what it looks like in your survey:

A grey and red calendar

Qtip: Be careful when editing this question! There’s special code here to make the calendar appear. If you want to change the content of the question, be sure to open the HTML view of the question and only edit the Enter the date: text.
A question with the HTML View selected and the Enter a Date text highlighted

Date Drill Down

  • Question Name: What is (or will be) the date?
  • Block/Survey: Calendar & Date Questions
  • Category: Demographics
  • Function: Allows you to select month, day, and year. The number of days is based off the maximum each month can have. For example, you cannot select February 30 or 31.

A drill down with a month, day, and year field

Warning: Because this is a Drill Down question, you must take caution not to edit this question after you’ve collected any kind of data, whether it is test or real data. Read the Drill Down support page for more information on this question type.

Choose from a list of Countries

  • Question Name: List of Countries
  • Block/Survey: Country & US State
  • Category: Demographics
  • Function: Allows you to select from a dropdown of 195 countries.

Choose from a list of U.S. States

  • Question Name: 50 States, D.C. and Puerto Rico
  • Block/Survey: Country & US State
  • Category: Demographics
  • Function: Allows you to select from all 50 United States, Puerto Rico, and Washington D.C.

EX Library Questions

The EX library includes 33 important categories of questions. Each category of questions is organized in a block. To use the EX questions, select the Employee Experience: Annual & Pulse (New) category.
The library import screen. The employee experience: annual & pulse (new) option is selected