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Adding Project Administrators to a Dashboard (CX)

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About Project Administrators

When you create a Dashboard project, you can add multiple dashboards inside the project. But why? This is so you can easily manage who has administrative access over all the dashboards contained in a project. Every time you want a dashboard to have a different team of administrators, it’s time to create a separate project. Every time you want to add more dashboards to the same group of administrators, you add a dashboard to the project.

This page will cover what Project Administrators have power over compared to the common dashboard user, and how to add and remove Project Administrators from a Dashboard project.

Qtip: Project Administrators of Dashboards are not the same thing as Brand Administrators.

Project Administrators vs. Dashboard Users

Project Administrators

Project Administrators are added from the dropdown menu on the Projects page. A person who creates a dashboard project is an administrator of that project by default, and can only be removed by another Project Administrator.

Project Administrators have full editing power over the dashboards they’ve been added to. They can also access the Data Sources and Dashboard tabs in the project, adding additional dashboards and default sources into the project.

image of a CX dashboards project. The Data Sources and Dashboards tabs in the upper left are highlighted.

If the Project Administrator that has been added is also a Brand Administrator, they also have access to the User Admin tab of the project, giving them the power to manage dashboard users, upload dashboards users, assign users to roles, and manage user attributes.

Project Administrators only have administrative access to the projects they’ve been added as administrators to. All Project Administrators can add and remove all other Project Administrators, except themselves.

Dashboard Users

Dashboard users may be added to the project when a Project Admin shares the dashboard with someone, or imports that person using the User Admin tab.

Dashboard users may have a variety of permissions that the Project Admin sets for them, including the ability to edit dashboards, activate them, and share them. However, they cannot access the User Admin tab inside the project.

Dashboard users also generally have access to individual dashboards within a project, but not every single dashboard in a project. This means that when they visit a dashboard from the Projects page, they go straight into the dashboard itself, and see none of the administrative tabs.

Qtip: For more on how dashboards look from a non-administrative point of view, see the Dashboard Viewers (CX) support page.

User Admin Access

A user can only access the User Admin tab if they are both a Project Administrator and a Brand Administrator. They must also have the Manage CX Users permission enabled in their account.

Adding & Removing Project Administrators

When you add a Project Administrator to a Dashboard project, they will only have power over the dashboards inside that project. They will have to be added separately to each project you’d like them to have control over.

  1. Go to the Projects page.
    Projects being selected from the navigation menu
  2. Find the Dashboard project you’d like to add administrators to.
    image of the projects page with a cx dashboard project. The dropdown menu on the project is expanded and the Manage Administrators option is selected.
  3. Click the dropdown.
  4. Select Manage Administrators.
  5. Search by name for the user you’d like to add, and click their name.
    image of the manage administrators screen. search results are visible after typing a name in the search bar

    Qtip: A user must be an existing Qualtrics user, in your brand, and have access to CX Dashboards to be added as a Project Administrator. Talk to your Brand Administrator if you’re having trouble adding someone as a Project Administrator.
  6. Click X next to a Project Administrator if you would like to remove them.
    Image of the Manage Administrators screen. The X to the right of the listed admins is highlighted for removing admins.
  7. Click Save when you’re finished.