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Linking Qualtrics and Salesforce


Before mapping survey responses to Salesforce or using Salesforce to trigger survey invitations, you need to link your Salesforce instance to your Qualtrics account.

Linking Salesforce to Qualtrics is done in the Survey module. This process applies to your entire account and only needs to be done once in one survey. Future surveys will automatically be linked to the same Salesforce instance.

Linking a Qualtrics Account with a Salesforce Instance

  1. Select any project on your My Projects page.
  2. Navigate to the Survey module and click the Tools dropdown menu.
  3. Under Salesforce, click Setup Link to Salesforce Account.
  4. If you want to connect to your Salesforce sandbox, click the Sandbox Environment checkbox and click Sign In. Then log in with your Salesforce sandbox username and password.

If you want to connect to your live Salesforce environment, click Sign In and login with your Salesforce username and password.

Qtip: Web browsers will sometimes cache your Salesforce login credentials. If you click Sign In and are not prompted to enter your Salesforce username and password, log into Salesforce in a separate tab and then log out of Salesforce. Make sure that you are not logged into Salesforce in any other tabs or windows.

Project Ownership

When connecting with Salesforce, Qualtrics always checks the Salesforce credentials of the original project owner. If you are setting up the Salesforce Integration and the project has been shared with you, make sure the original project owner also links their Qualtrics account to your Salesforce account. If you run into issues when testing out Response Mapping or Trigger and Email Survey, check to see if your project is shared with anyone or shared from anyone else. If so, make sure the project owner has signed into the correct Salesforce environment in their account.

Switching between Salesforce Environments

When linking your Qualtrics account to a new Salesforce environment, it’s important to consider that any Salesforce integrated surveys in your Qualtrics account will become associated with the new environment. This means that if your account contains other surveys associated with a different environment when you transition to a new one (such as a Salesforce sandbox), their connections to that environment will be disrupted. For tips on how best to manage moving from a Sandbox to a live environment, see our guide on transitioning a survey to a new environment.