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Graphics Library

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About the Graphics Library

You can use the graphics library to store and manage any images you’ve uploaded to Qualtrics. You can use these graphics in your surveys and messages.

Example: Store images in your graphics library to use in survey headers or questions.

You can upload JPG (or JPEG), PNG, and GIF files that are 16 MB or smaller. For the best experience, we recommend using PNG files.

Adding a Graphic

  1. Navigate to the Library page.
    Choosing library from the top-level navigation in the top-left of every page of the website
  2. Open your Graphics Library.
    Graphics library selected; upload graphic button upper-right

    Qtip: If you want to upload a graphic to a group library, navigate to this library first by choosing the correct library from the dropdown menu in the upper left-hand corner of your account. If you would like a new group library created or if you’d like to be added to an existing group, please contact your Brand Administrator for help. Only Brand Administrators can create and manage groups.
    Personal and Group Libraries dropdown in top-left corner of Library Page
  3. Click Upload Graphic.
  4. Drag and drop files directly into the menu or click Upload a graphic from your computer if the graphic is stored on your computer.
    Space to drag a drop a file, Option to upload from computer, or option to insert link from web

    Qtip: You can upload multiple graphics at once by selecting multiple graphic files when browsing files from your desktop, or by dropping multiple files into the drag and drop box.
  5. Paste a URL into the Link to a File on the Web box if the graphic is stored online (click the plus sign to add more URL boxes).
    Warning: Only use this option for graphics you own or host yourself. If you host your own graphics, changes you make to the hosted graphic will be reflected in Qualtrics (and vice versa, if you don’t own the graphic, changes the owner makes to the graphic will also be reflected here).
  6. Click Upload Graphics.

Copying Graphics From Your Library to a Group Library

  1. Locate the graphic you want to share with a group. Select the dropdown arrow on the bottom right-hand corner of the graphic and choose Copy Graphic.
    Copy Graphic option from Settings icon dropdown
  2. Choose your group’s name from the Select a Library dropdown menu.
    Select a Library dropdown within Copy Graphic menu
  3. Select a folder and/or change the graphic’s description, if desired.
  4. Select Copy.
    Copy button at bottom-right of Copy Graphic menu

Graphics Library Layout

Images in the graphics library can be viewed in list or icon format. List format creates a line for each graphic, detailing its file size, file type, and last modified information to the right.

List layout icon with each file listed in rows
Icon format displays each graphic in a thumbnail, with the graphic name beneath it.

Thumbnail layout icon with each file side-by-side as thumbnails

Though the file size, file type, and last modified information are not immediately visible in this format, icon format does have an advanced sorting feature available under the search bar on the right. This feature allows you to sort the graphic thumbnails by description, size, type, or last modified date.

Graphics Library Options

The graphic option menu is found within the gray gear dropdown, located to the far right of each item when in list format and in the bottom-right when in icon format.

Settings icon dropdown

For graphics in your library, you can perform the following actions:

  • View Graphic: View a preview of the graphic.
  • Copy URL: Copy to your computer’s clipboard a direct link to your image. You can paste this link wherever you would like. Note that uploaded files may be attached to surveys and can be accessed by anyone who has the corresponding URL. This feature should only be used for non-confidential graphics.
  • Rename Graphic: Edit the name of the graphic.
  • Edit Graphic: Edit the folder, name, dimensions, or source file for the graphic. The dimensions you set here will be applied to every instance of the image in any of your surveys.
    Qtip: Changing the source file here (i.e., uploading a new graphic or linking to a file on the web) will change the graphic in any survey that uses the graphic.
  • Reveal Graphic in Folder: Move to the folder the graphic is in.
  • Copy Graphic: Copy the graphic to another folder in your account or to a group library.
  • Delete Graphic: Delete the graphic from the library.
    Warning: Deleting the source file here will remove the graphic from any survey that uses the graphic.

Using a Graphic

See Insert a Graphic for instructions on how to add your graphics to your surveys.