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Organization Settings


The Organization Settings page, found in the Administration section, allows you to view and manage options that apply to your whole license. From here, you can set up contact info, password parameters, logout redirects, and more.


Qtip: Any of the fields in any of the sections can be left blank.


The General section holds settings for emails and notifications:

  • Self-Enrollment Email Notification: Specify the email address(es) that should receive a notification whenever a user self-enrolls. Multiple emails should be separated with a comma (e.g., “,”). Note that this setting only applies if you have opted to allow self enrollment for your license.
  • Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) all Emails to: Specify the email address(es) that should a BCC of every email sent by users in your license via the Qualtrics mailer.
  • Brand Admin Contact Info: Specify the contact information users should follow to ask questions regarding their permissions and the overall license. Note that this is also where Qualtrics Support will direct users with permissions questions.



The Password section contains requirements for the types of passwords users must create for their accounts.

  • Password Expiry Time:  Designate (in days) when all account passwords will expire (e.g., type “365” if you would like users to redo their password every 365 days). At that time, users will be prompted to create new passwords.
  • Minimum Password Length: Specify the minimum number of characters that can be used in a user password.
  • Number of Non-Alpha Characters: Specify the number of non-alpha characters (anything other than a letter) that must be present in user passwords.
  • Password Creation Error: Create a unique error message for when users’ passwords don’t fit the specified criteria.


Qtip: If you are using Single Sign-On you can contact Support to remove the “Send Password Reset Email” and the Forgot Password? link from the page.


The Login/Logout section details redirects users can experience.

  • Login Redirect: Specify where a user is redirected upon going to your organization’s login URL.
  • Logout Redirect: Specify where a user is redirected upon logging out of their account.


Survey Description

The Survey Description features are currently under development.


Login Page Description

You can create a custom message that will display on your organization’s login page. This could include contact information or any other instructions you may need to communicate to your users.