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Editing Custom Variables

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About Editing Custom Variables

After creating a bucketed, formula, or combined variable, you may realize that you want to make changes. Custom variables can be edited in the Data & Analysis tab at any time without hurting your previously collected data. As with the creation of these variables, all changes made will affect past and future responses.

Visit our Manual Variable Creation page to learn how to edit this third kind of custom variable.

Changing a Variable Name

  1. Navigate to your custom variable.
  2. Click the column header.
    Edit Column Title option accessed by clicking on the Custom Variable column header
  3. Select Edit Column Title.
  4. Type the new name.
    Text box to enter new variable name
  5. Press Enter on your keyboard.

Changing the Rule

After setting up your variable, you may realize that you need to add more groups, mixed up the variables in your equation, or need to make another major change to the logic behind the variable. In this case, you would edit the Rule behind your variable.

  1. Navigate to the newly created variable.
  2. Click the column header.
    Edit Variable rule option accessed from clicking on the Custom Variable column header
  3. Select Edit Variable Rule.
  4. Change fields as needed. See our bucketed, formula, and combined variable pages for step-by-step instructions.
  5. When you’re done, click the green Edit Variable button on the lower-right.
Qtip: Before changing the name or the rule of your variable, make sure the column is displayed on your Data & Analysis tab. To learn how to do this, see the instructions on Choosing Columns.

Removing a Variable

  1. Go to Tools.
    Delete Custom Field option accessed from Tools dropdown
  2. Select Delete Custom Field.
  3. Select every custom variable you want to delete.
    Select Fields dropdown in the Delete Field menu
  4. Click the red Delete Field(s) button.