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Ticket Forwarding

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About Ticket Forwarding

You can automatically reassign new tickets being assigned to you to another user while you are out of office.

This feature applies to tickets assigned to a user after ticket forwarding is enabled. For example, tickets I opened last week before I went out of office will not be reassigned. But tickets people try to assign to me while I have forwarding enabled will be reassigned to a person of my choice.

Enabling and Disabling for a Brand

Qtip: This setting is enabled for the brand by default.

Only Brand Administrators can turn on this setting. Once it is on, it is available for every user in the brand, but users do not have to use it unless they want to.

  1. On the Follow-up page, go to Tools.
    Opening tools on the ticket page
  2. Select Ticket Settings.
  3. Select Enable ticket forwarding feature for users.
    Enable ticket forwarding feature for users
  4. Click Save.

Using Ticket Forwarding

This section goes over how users can turn on ticket forwarding, and set who receives their ticket while they’re out.

All of your tickets are reassigned during this time. You can turn this off and resume working on your tickets whenever you choose.

Enabling Ticket Forwarding

  1. On the Follow-up page, go to Tools.
    Opening tools on the ticket follow up page
  2. Click Ticket Forwarding.
  3. Select Enable Ticket Forwarding.
    Deciding who gets tickets while you are gone
  4. Click Forward tickets to.
  5. Type the name of a specific user.
    Qtip: You cannot reassign these tickets to teams or to more than one person at a time.
  6. Click the correct user when they appear.
  7. Click Save.

Disabling Ticket Forwarding

A banner will appear above your ticket settings when you’ve enabled ticket forwarding. To disable it, click Disable Forwarding.

Grey bar center of follow up page with blue disable forwarding button in it

When ticket forwarding is disabled, the tickets reassigned to your person of choice will stay assigned to them. But when people try to reassign new tickets to you, those tickets will go to you.