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The Signature question type presents survey participants with an entry box where they can draw their signature. On a desktop, they can use their mouse, and on a mobile device they can use their finger.


Setting Up a Signature Question

  1. Click the Create a New Question Item dropdown and choose Signature.image01
  2. Enter your question text.2016-03-07_13-23-52

Signature Question Options

The signature question type has limited customization options. These options are found in the question editing pane on the right of a selected signature question.

  • Box Size: increase or decrease the size of the signature box.
  • Options: You can toggle the “sign here” text on or off using this text box.
  • Validation: Use this setting to force respondents to answer the question in order to view the rest of the survey.

Data Analysis

Once your responses have been collected, Qualtrics offers various methods to create reports both in and out of the platform. From the Reports module, you can view aggregate data with pre-made reports as well as create your own. From the Data & Analysis module, you can view and manipulate your survey responses on an individual basis.


There are two visualization types available for Highlight questions: Paginated Table and Word Cloud. For more information on these visualizations, please visit the linked visualization support pages.

Downloaded Signature Data

In the downloaded dataset, four columns are included: File ID, File Name, File Size, and File Type. File ID includes a link to an image of the respondent’s signature. The File Name will typically be signature.png. File Size represents the size of the signature picture. File Type will typically be PNG.