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Summary Tab

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About the Summary Tab

The Summary tab is the landing page you arrive on when you first go to your XM Directory. It contains graphs and data on your distributions.

The Summary tab can be reached by clicking Summary in the upper-left corner. In addition to email, SMS and WhatsApp distributions contribute to the statistics on this page, with the exception of the Open Email Rate.

Qtip: The numbers are updated nightly and may not reflect as soon as you make a change.

Contact Statistics

Statistics listed along the top of the summary tab, above the graphs

  • Contacts: The number of contacts in your directory.
  • Received a survey invite in the last 30 days: The percent of contacts in your directory who received a survey invite in the last 30 days.
  • Invites sent in 30 days: The number of invites sent over the last 30 days.

Engagement (%)

This line graph displays the percentage of engagement for a seven month period. The following rates are included:

  • Open Email Rate: The rate at which emails are opened, indicated by whether an email is opened on the recipient side. This rate does not take into consideration if the respondent clicks the survey link. Open Email Rate includes email invites, reminder emails, and non-survey emails.
  • Response Rate: The rate at which respondents start your survey relative to the number of initial survey invites. This rate increments when a survey link is clicked in an email invitation.
  • Opt-out Rate: The rate at which respondents opt-out of your distributions.

A line graph labeled Engagement

  1. Lines displaying what percentages of emails are open (gray), what percentage of respondents filled out their surveys (blue), and what percentage of the contacts opted out (red).
  2. Highlight over a point on the graph to see its exact value.
  3. The statistics for this month, specifically.


This bar graph displays numbers of contacts added, removed, and opting out within the directory over a seven month period.

A bar graph labeled Churn

  1. Bars displaying contacts added (green), contacts opted-out (red), and contacts removed (black).
  2. Highlight over a bar on the graph to see its exact value.
  3. The statistics for this month, specifically.