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Survey Options Overview


Survey Options is where you go to change many general survey settings, such as the survey expiration date or the message that will appear to respondents when they finish the survey.

To access these settings, click Survey Options at the top of the Survey module.


Survey Options is divided into six sections, as described below.

Survey Experience

Survey Experience includes options that will directly impact the respondent experience, such as whether or not a back button will be included and whether respondents can return and finish the survey at a later date if they don’t finish in one sitting.


Survey Protection

Survey Protection helps you ensure that only the appropriate people take your survey. You’ll also find options like password protection and expiration dates.


Survey Termination

Survey Termination contains options for controlling the survey ending experience. From here, you can choose different endings, such as redirecting respondents to a specific website or displaying a custom message.


Inactive Surveys

Inactive Surveys lets you choose what message respondents see when they attempt to open a survey that is not currently collecting responses.


Partial Completion

Partial Completion lets you specify how long a respondent can leave an unfinished survey before that survey is automatically closed out.