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Publishing & Managing Creatives

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About Publishing & Managing Creatives

Publish and Manage are two buttons that appear in the upper-right corner of every section on the Creatives tab. Publish allows us to push changes to the deployment code, whereas the Manage button has options for copying, saving, and importing your creative.

Publish and Manage options at the top right of the creative editor

Publishing a Creative

When you finish creating your Intercept and linking it to your creative, you can generate a project code to paste onto your website. This code comes with a great benefit: if you go back and need to make changes to your creative, or even add a new creative to the project, these changes won’t appear on your website until you are ready. That way you can make changes without confusing website visitors.

Clicking Publish makes it so that the changes you’ve made will be reflected on any website containing your project code.

Qtip: Although publishing requires you to click the Publish button, saving your work doesn’t. Each change you make will be saved automatically, and then when you’re ready for those changes to go live, you’ll select Publish.

When you publish your creative, you will be invited to write a description for your changes. This description will be used in your revision history to help you easily identify this revision in case you need to revert to it at some later point. You can find the Revision History by clicking Manage on the top-right of the creative editor.

Publishing a creative with a description

Managing a Creative

On the top-right of the creative editor you will find the Manage dropdown menu.
Manage Creative dropdown


View the Revision History of your creative. Here, you can tell when a revision was made and what user made it.

Click on the version you’re currently editing for the option to Save a new revision.
Revision History window with an Editing revision selected and the green Save a new revision button on the lower-right

Click on an older version to Revert to this revision. This will replace the version you’re editing with this older revision.
An older revision is selected, and the Revert to this revision button appears on the lower-right

You can always go back in your Revision History to restore any previously saved revision, including ones created after the revision you are restoring.

Save Creative

Manually save any changes you’ve made to your creative. Note that changes are saved automatically every few seconds, so this option is not typically necessary.

Rename Creative

Give your creative a new name.

Rename Creative window

Copy Creative

Create a copy of your creative. Select which project you want this copy to be saved to under the Project dropdown menu.

Copy Creative window with fields for selecting a project and for writing a name

Save to Library

Copy your creative to a library.

Save to Library window with fields for selecting the library and for naming the library file

Import Creative

This option allows you to import a creative qsif file, originally obtained from the Export Creative option.

Qtip: This file doesn’t replace the creative where it’s being uploaded – it just creates an entirely new creative! That means you can use the Import option in any of your creatives without losing anything.

Import Creative window with a Choose File button to the left and the green Import button on the bottom-right

To upload, click Choose File. Once your file is selected, click Import.

Export Creative

When you select Export Creative, this will download a qsif file of your creative to your computer. This can be uploaded into any creative to create a copy of the exported creative.

Do not open this file on your computer. It can only be understood by the Qualtrics software.