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Export Data Overview


Reports built within Qualtrics provide aggregate information about your survey responses, such as how many participants selected “yes” and how many selected “no”. You can use the Export Data feature to download your raw response data, which you can then use to see how individual participants answered each question. You can also use raw response data to perform third party analyses.

Qtip: To learn how to interpret raw data files, visit our Understanding Your Dataset page.

Exporting Responses

  1. Navigate to the Data tab of the Data and Analysis module.image03
  2. Click Export Data option.image06
  3. Choose a file format (CSV, SPSS, XML, etc.).image02
    Qtip: For an Excel-compatible file, choose the default CSV format. See our Export Formats page to learn about other format options.
  4. Set any desired options and click Download.image00
    Qtip: By default you will download the entire raw dataset. You may want to download only certain parts of your data. You can select Chosen Columns to download only the pieces of data you are currently displaying in your response viewer.

Current Downloads

You can view all of your requested downloads and their export progress in the Current Downloads list. Each time you start an export, a new entry will appear at the top of the list, detailing several pieces of information:

  • Status: Whether the export is still in progress, has failed, or has finished and the exported file is ready to download.
  • Type: Which export file format was selected.
  • Percent Complete: How far along the export has progressed.
  • Last Updated: When the export status was last updated


Large datasets may take a significant amount of time to export, but you can leave the page and return later. You can even have multiple downloads running at the same time, starting one download and then immediately beginning another.

When exports are complete, the Status column will turn into a Download button. Clicking on the button will download the file to your computer. You can download the file as many times as you would like.


If you leave jobs in your Current Downloads, you can return at any point and download an earlier job. You can also clear an old job from the list by clicking the X to the far right of it.