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Free Accounts

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About Free Accounts

Warning: As a result of these limitations, we discourage free account users from using the free account to conduct a thorough research project or using the free account as a baseline for what Qualtrics offers. We recommend either purchasing a full license or checking to see if you can sign up for a full account with your organization instead, at no cost to you.

Qualtrics offers a free account that allows prospective users to get a sense of the Qualtrics platform as they consider purchasing a full license. The purpose of the free account is to provide an environment where the point-and-click user interface can be experienced by building a survey, distributing it, collecting a few responses, and experimenting with our analysis and reporting tools on the back-end.

Due to this purpose, there are limitations on the free account, including:

  • Can only create surveys under CoreXM
  • Only 1 active survey at any given time
  • Unlimited inactive surveys
  • Only 10,000 outgoing emails allowed (total sent across all surveys – this includes invites, reminders, thank yous, and emails sent directly to contact lists)
  • Access to 50 survey templates
  • Access to Covid-19 XM Solutions
  • No custom code (this also means many options in the rich content editor and Look & Feel are unavailable)
  • Can only use the following question types:
    • Multiple choice
    • Matrix table
    • Text entry
    • Descriptive text
    • Slider
    • Rank order
    • Side by side
  • Can only collect 100 responses, including retaken and deleted responses. Responses in progress will not count towards this limit until they become recorded responses. See this support page for more information about what counts as a recorded response.
  • Only 15 questions per survey
  • Cannot use triggers (contact list or email) or the Actions tab
  • No data exports (data can still be viewed in reports)
  • No extra features (offline app, SMS, API, Stats iQ, etc.)
  • No redirect links in the survey (this includes both survey options and end of survey elements).
  • Not able to translate surveys
  • Can collaborate on surveys with other users
  • Cannot use or manage blocks and questions saved to the survey library
  • No notifications feed
  • No basic Text iQ, crosstabs, response weighting, or imported data projects
  • Cannot purchase online samples from inside account
  • Cannot customize survey themes, can only select preset themes
  • No quotas or screen-outs
  • No custom from domains for sending emails
    Qtip: You can still create a custom from email address by using one of the three Qualtrics “from” addresses. For example, you can use mycompany@qualtrics-research.com as your from address.

For a more in-depth look at our experience management platform and all of our technology and service capabilities, you can request a demo on our website. The appropriate team will reach out to you in a timely manner to help you with this request.

Free Accounts Made Before November 2019

Free accounts made before November 2019 are being gradually moved to the new free account experience. Your account may have been made before this date if you see a difference in what features you have access to, such as the inability to access survey templates.

The term “trial” no longer refers to all free accounts.

Deactivating Your Free Account

If you’ve made a free account and want to remove it so you can use your email address to sign up under your organization, you do not need to reach out to an administrator or to support to have your account removed.

Warning: Deactivating your account will make it irretrievable. You will not be able to access it or its contents again. Only deactivate your account if you are absolutely sure that is what you want to do.
Qtip: Remember, you can export surveys and upload them to a new account. These surveys will not retain the same links. If you need to move data from one account to another, see User Moves for other options available to you.
  1. Click the profile icon.
    Person silhouette in upper-right corner, then inside that menu that expands account settings. once inside tab, scroll down
  2. Select Account Settings.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Deactivate account.
    Option in red, very bottom of page
  4. Read the warning. You will not be able to access the account again, so make sure you are sure you want to do this.
    New window opens with warnings
  5. Type DEACTIVATE in the field.
  6. Click Confirm.
  7. You will be redirected to the Qualtrics homepage.
Qtip: If you upgraded your account, you will not have this functionality available to you. In that case, log into your support portal to request your account’s deletion.