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Navigating the Creatives Tab

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About Navigating the Creatives Tab

The Creatives tab is where you generate creatives. Before you can get started, it helps to get familiar with how this tab is organized.

Adding a New Creative

To add a new creative, you will need to navigate to the Creatives tab in the Intercepts section.

Creatives tab within the Intercepts section

Generating a New Creative

  1. Click Create new.
    Create New Creative button in top right
  2. You can choose to build your intercept with a guided setup or build your intercept piece by piece. This section outlines how to build a creative separate from an intercept, so scroll down to the Build your intercept piece by piece heading.
    Qtip: If, instead of creating a standalone creative, you’d like assistance throughout the whole process, feel free to use our guided setup for Website / App Feedback projects. If you use the guided setup, you will be prompted to add a creative, connect your survey, and configure your intercept. For more information about the guided setup, visit Choose How You Want to Collect Feedback.

    Choose to build your intercept either with a guided setup or piece by piece

  3. Select one of the Creatives to get started. In this example, we are not doing the guided setup, so we will select a creative under the Creatives section.
    Selecting one of the Creatives from the list
  4. Enter a name for your creative.
    Enter a name for your creative and click Next

  5. Click Next.
  6. You are now ready to edit your creative.

Generating a Creative from the Library

  1. Click Create new.
    Create New Creative button in top right
  2. Select Choose from Library next to the Creatives heading.
    Choose from library button next to Creatives
  3. Name the creative.
    Creating a Creative from a library
  4. Select a library where you previously saved a creative.
  5. Select the creative you want to use.
    Qtip: A preview of the creative will appear below so you can double-check you’ve selected the correct one.
  6. Click Next.

Searching and Sorting Creatives

Columns highlighted, where creatives can be sorted by clicking on headers; creatives listed are organized by Name

You can sort your list of creatives by their name (alphabetical), by Type, which was Last Modified, and by Current Revision (Published or Unpublished).

button is in the Search bar, making all creatives with button appear

The Search bar allows you to find creatives by keywords in the Name or Type. For example, searching “Pop” wouldn’t just find all creatives with “pop” in the name, but all Pop Overs, Pop Ups, and Pop Unders in the project.

Creative Actions Dropdown

The dropdown to the far-right of a Creative reveals a list of actions

Click the dropdown to the far-right of the creative to reveal a list of actions.

  • Rename: Rename the creative.
  • Delete: Permanently delete the creative. Heed the warning before you click Delete.
    Delete Creative window, asking the user if they are sure they'd like to delete their creative
  • Save to Library: Save the creative to a Library of your choice, so it can be copied into different projects later.
    Saving Creative to a library
  • Copy to a Project: Create a copy of the creative to a project of your choice.
    Copy Creative to a project window
  • Copy Creative IDs: Copy the creative IDs by clicking Copy ID next to the desired ID.
    Copy Creative IDs window