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Sending Surveys with the Slack App

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About Sending Surveys with the Slack App

The Qualtrics app for Slack allows you to send your surveys through Slack. Pick from your account’s surveys to distribute to channels and individuals of your choice, allowing them to either take the survey right in Slack, or sending them a link they can open in their web or mobile browser.

Attention: This version of the Slack integration is currently in preview. Reach out to your Customer Success Representative with questions about getting access.
Attention: By enabling the Slack integration, please note that there may be processing of data outside your data center region.
Qtip: For information on triggering messages to Slack based on survey responses, read the Slack Task page.

Connecting a Qualtrics Account to the Slack App

You can download the Qualtrics app by using the Slack App Directory. See Slack’s support site for how to add apps to your workspace.

Once you have access to the app, follow these steps to get your Qualtrics account connected.

  1. Type /qualtrics into a channel or direct message.
    A slash then the word qualtrics is written in the message field at the bottom of a slack channel
  2. Press Enter on your keyboard to submit.
  3. A new window will open in Slack. Click Connect.
    In the Qualtrics App Menu window that opens in slack, there is a green connect button in upper-right
  4. Enter your Qualtrics credentials.
    Standard Qualtrics login page
  5. Click Sign in.
  6. Select Allow this application to retain access for up to a year.
    Middle of page is authorization checkbox; below in blue is authorize button
  7. Select Authorize.

Slack will notify you to let you know if the authorization was a success.

You can only have one Qualtrics account connected at a time. If you’d like to connect to another account, you will need to disconnect your current account.
image of the disconnect button within the Qualtrics app menu within slack

Qtip: If your account connection or Slack survey distribution fails, it may be due to the fact that your account does not have access to the Slack integration. When this happens, you will see the below message. Contact your Brand Administrator and ask them to enable the Slack Integration user permission for you.
image of the error message you will receive when you do not have permission to access the slack app

Sending Surveys in Slack

  1. Type /qualtrics into a channel or direct message.
    A slash then the word qualtrics is written in the message field at the bottom of a slack channel
  2. Press Enter on your keyboard to submit.
  3. A new window will open in Slack. Click Send a Survey.
    Send a survey button in green in upper-right of the new qualtrics window in slack
  4. Select the survey you’d like to send.
    Send a survey window where you select a survey, recipients, method, and then write a message. Button to go to next stage in lower-right, in green

    Qtip: If a survey doesn’t appear here, it has not been activated.
    Qtip: In addition to surveys, you can also send 360 projects, Conjoint, and MaxDiff projects.
  5. Add the individuals and / or channels you’d like to distribute this survey to.
    Qtip: You cannot distribute to private channels or group conversations.
  6. Select the method you’d like to use to distribute the survey.
    • External Survey Link: When the individuals / channels receive the survey in slack, it’ll be in the form of a button that says Take the Survey. When the individuals / channels click Take the Survey, the survey will open in their web browser instead of Slack. This method acts like an anonymous link that does not save the respondent’s contact information.
    • Embedded Slack Survey: When the individuals / channels click Take the Survey, the survey will open in an embedded window in Slack. This method does not save your respondent’s progress or any contact information. Depending on the features in your survey, this option may not be available. See Making a Survey That Can Be Embedded in Slack for more information.
  7. Type a message to your survey recipients. This field is required.
  8. Click Next.
  9. Double-check your recipients. You can make last-second edits, if needed.
    window for editing recipients and confirming selections

    Qtip: If you want to make changes to your message or method of distribution, click Edit.
  10. When ready, click Send Survey.
  11. Slack will let you know that your survey has been successfully sent.
    Survey sent confirmation window. Has a couple of tips
  12. The Qualtrics app will also send you a message confirming that your survey has sent. Click Add Action to be directed to the Actions tab of your distributed survey. Here, you can automate tasks, like sending a follow-up email or creating a ticket, based on survey response events.
    Image of the Qualtrics app bot sending a message in slack to the survey owner. The message tells the user to add an action to be notified when responses are received

Manage Surveys

Don’t worry if you haven’t yet created or activated the survey you want to send in Slack. The Qualtrics Slack integration can easily direct you to your Qualtrics account to manage your surveys. After connecting your Qualtrics account to Slack, click Manage Surveys to be brought to your Projects Page. From here, you can either create a new survey or activate an existing one.
image of the Qualtrics Slack App menu. The Manage Surveys option is selected for creating/activating a survey

Making a Survey That Can Be Embedded in Slack

Surveys embedded in Slack work by asking survey questions right inside Slack, instead of simply sending users a link to the survey that can be opened in a browser. Because of this, there are certain survey features that cannot be used.

Qtip: The most commonly used question types for surveys embedded in Slack are Multiple Choice (single or multi answer), Text Entry (except Form or Password), Descriptive Text, and NPS. Any page breaks in your survey will be respected.

Incompatible Features

This list covers all features that are incompatible with surveys embedded in Slack. Any feature not listed here can be assumed to be compatible.

  • Text Entry Form and Password Questions
  • Matrix Table Questions
  • Pick, Group, and Rank Questions
  • Sidy by Side Questions
  • Slider Questions
  • Constant Sum Questions
  • Timing Questions
  • File Upload Questions
  • Drill Down Questions
  • Captcha Questions
  • Hot Spot Questions
  • Heat Map Questions
  • Signature Questions
  • Meta Info Questions
  • Highlight Questions
  • Rank Order Questions
  • Table of Contents
  • Reference Surveys
  • Authenticators
  • Default Choices
  • In-Page Display Logic
  • Display and Branch Logic based on Device Type
  • Choice Groups
  • Back Button
  • By Invitation Only
  • Survey Passwords
  • HTTP Referer
  • Prevent Ballot Box Stuffing
  • Inactive Survey Message
  • End of Survey elements are compatible, but cannot be set to redirect to a URL or display a response summary.
Qtip: Make sure your survey only uses compatible features, or you will not be able to embed your survey in Slack.
Qtip: If you edit a once-compatible survey being used by Slack and add features that are incompatible, your survey will no longer work in Slack.

Survey Languages

If you are distributing an embedded Slack survey in multiple languages, you need to make sure your languages are compatible with Slack. Below is a list of all compatible languages:

  • English (UK)
  • English (US)
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Spanish (LATAM)
  • Spanish (EU)

See our page on Translating Surveys for more information on creating multi-language surveys.

How Recipients See Embedded Surveys

The Qualtrics app will notify a Slack user when they have been sent a survey and will give the Slack username of the person who distributed the survey.
Survey distribution in the Qualtrics app

If the survey is embedded, the user will be able to set a reminder to complete the survey later.

The survey will open in a new window in the Slack app. Recipients can choose responses from a dropdown.
Window where you fill out questions in Slack

Multi-answer questions appear with a dropdown of options. Click the empty field to select answers. Click the X next to an answer to remove it.
Dropdown from multiple select question

Possible Error Messages

When taking an embedded Slack survey, there are a couple error messages that you may see.

  • This survey can no longer be taken in Slack because it has been disabled by the survey owner. This error message occurs when the survey owner disconnects their Slack integration after distributing an embedded survey. You can contact the survey owner and ask them to reconnect their account.
    image of the "this survey can no longer be taken in slack because it has been disabled by the survey owner" error message
  • This survey can no longer be taken in Slack because it is not compatible. Please contact the survey owner. This error message appears when the survey owner edits their survey to contain incompatible features. You can contact the survey owner and ask them to make their survey compatible again. Alternatively, you can click Take Survey in Browser to take the survey in your web browser instead of in Slack.
    image of the "this survey can no longer be taken in slack because it is not compatible" error message
  • There was a problem connecting with Qualtrics. Please try again. This error message appears when the owner has closed the survey. Contact the survey owner and ask them to reactivate the survey.
    an image of the "there was an error connecting with Qualtrics. Please try again" error message

Removing the Qualtrics App on Slack

  1. Go to https://my.slack.com/apps and log in to your Slack Account.
  2. Click Manage.
    image of the manage button in slack
  3. Click Apps.
    image of the slack app search page
  4. Search for Qualtrics and select the Qualtrics App.
  5. Scroll down on the page and select Remove App.
    image of the Remove App button on the slack app management page