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Mobile Notification Creative

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Attention: You are reading about a feature not included in a standard license with access to Website Feedback. To learn more or purchase access, talk to your Account Executive.

About Mobile Notification Creatives

Mobile Notification Creatives are part of the Mobile App SDK, also known as Mobile App Feedback Projects. Notifications can be used to prompt users to engage on feedback within or away from the app, which is especially relevant when you want to catch users as they are exiting the app.

Qtip: This feature is only supported on SDK versions 1.3 and greater.

Setting Up the Creative

Once you have access to this feature, the Mobile Notification is available alongside other Creatives.

Mobile Notification is an option on the Creative window

Once you click Create Creative, there are three options that you can customize: Title, Description, and Delay. Because these are banner-style notifications for mobile devices, there is a set style each operating system defines that Qualtrics cannot override, limiting color and font options.

Number parts going counter-clockwise from the top-left

  1. Title: Specify the title text for the notification.
  2. Description: Specify what text to display in the body of the Notification.
  3. Delay: Specify how long after the action that triggers the notification happens that the notification actually shows up to the app user.
    Qtip: The action that triggers the app is defined when setting up the mobile Intercept.
  4. Change whether you preview is in iOS or Android format.

Save Creative and Publish Creative

Attention: When you have made changes to your Mobile App Prompt and want to leave the page, always click Save Changes.

Save Changes and Publish Creative button in upper-right

When you’re finished editing and would like your changes to appear on the app, click Publish Creative in the upper-right.

Setting Up Intercepts & Integrating with a Mobile App

For information on how to set up the rest of the Mobile App SDK, see Mobile App Feedback Projects.