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Sharing Dashboard Manager Reports (EX)

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Qtip: This page describes functionality available to Engagement, Lifecycle, and Ad Hoc Employee Research projects. For more details on each, see Types of Employee Experience Projects.

About Sharing Reports

When the report template is finished, you’ll want to make it available for dashboard users to export in PDF and PPTX (Powerpoint) format.

How Report Data is Restricted

Reports are tied to dashboards because their data is automatically restricted based on the data restrictions you set for the dashboard’s role. This ensures that when users export their reports, they only see data relevant to them.

The data will also be limited by any filters the user applied to the dashboard before they entered the report.

Attention: Make sure you set up roles and permissions correctly for all of your users that will be accessing the dashboard and downloading data from it.
Attention: Dashboard users should export their own reports from the dashboard, as explained in How Dashboard Users Export Reports. Do not export the report using the icon on the toolbar and share this with users, because it will not be subject to data restrictions!
image of the export button in the report toolbar. a large red X is over the button since it should not be used to export the report for other users

Making PDF or Powerpoint Reports Available

Qtip: Before you complete these steps, make sure you’re created and customized your report template. For information on how to access the report so you can make edits, see the Report Template Overview.
  1. Go to the dashboard’s Settings.
    image of the dashboard settings tab
  2. Stay in Dashboard Settings.
  3. Select Enable off-line report access.
    image of the Enable off-line report access option in dashboard settings. It is at the bottom of the list of options

How Dashboard Users Export Reports

Dashboards reports are exported from right inside the dashboard, using a button in the upper-right.

If Enable off-line report access is the only dashboard setting enabled, the button will say Export Manager Report.
image of the Export Manager Report button on a dashboard

If Allow Dashboard Export is also enabled, you’ll select Export and then Report.
image of the export button on a dashboard. This button has two options: download dashboard & report. use report to download the report template

From there, you can decide on whether you want to export the report in PDF or PPTX (Powerpoint) format. This report will be emailed to you. This email goes to the email address (not the username) that is uploaded in the Participants tab of the project.
image of the export manager report pop-up. The screen lets you choose your file format and confirms the email address the report will send to.