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Applying Survey Themes

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IntroductionApplying Themes


Creating a beautiful survey is easy with Qualtrics Survey Themes. Each theme contains default colors, fonts, and styling for your survey. In the Look & Feel menu, you’ll find the Survey Theme Library, which contains all your available survey themes. In addition, your license may include custom survey themes, designed to match your organization’s branding.

Qtip: If you’d like to request a custom theme, update your themes, or report an issue with a theme, visit our Theme Design page.

Applying Themes

  1. Navigate to the Look & Feel menu in the Survey module.image05
  2. Click the Survey Theme Library dropdown and choose which library you want to view (the Qualtrics library or your organization’s library).image04
  3. Click the Survey Themes menu dropdown.image00
  4. Click the thumbnail of the theme you would like to apply to your survey.image03
  5. View the Look & Feel display to preview the theme applied to your survey.image01
  6. Click Save.image02