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Cross Tabulation Options


Cross tabulations include a variety of options that allow you to customize the look and feel of your data, add and manipulate statistics, and share your data with others.

Adding Filters

You can use this series of dropdown menus to add a filter to your cross tab. These filters are similar to the conditions used in logic (Display, Branch, etc.) in the Survey Module. Filters added here apply only to the immediate cross tab being viewed and not to any other cross tabs or reports in Results.

Qtip: Cross tab can only be filtered by questions and Embedded Data.


Editor Tools

These tools enable you to make quick edits to the appearance of your cross tab.

  • Cursor: Highlight the row and column of a specific cell.
  • Highlighter: Highlight a single cell in yellow.
  • Grabber: Navigate around large cross tabs more easily by clicking and dragging specific points in your cross tab.

Color Scheme

You can use the Color Scheme dropdown menu to change the color scheme of your cross tab. Each color setting will recolor the stubs and banners as that color and recolor the individual stub and banner choices a lighter shade of that color.


Data Options

The Data Options dropdown gives you more control over the statistics that you display in your cross tab and even a bit of control over how they are calculated. The list is broken into several regions.


Cell Statistics

Each of the following statistics will be added to each cell in the cross tab if selected.

  • Frequencies: The number of respondents that gave a response for both the banner (column) and the stub (row).
  • Expected Frequencies: The expected number of participants to give a response for both the banner (column) and the stub (row).
  • Actual – Expected: The difference between the actual and the expected frequency for each cell.
  • Row Percents: The percent of the row total that each cell represents.
  • Column Percents: The percent of the column total that each cell represents.

Banner and Stub Statistics

  • Show Banner Means: Display the mean response for each banner (column).
  • Show Stub Means: Display the mean response for each stub (row).
  • Show Question Totals: Display how many total responses each choice received.
  • Show Totals: Display how many participants in a banner answered the choice in the stub (row) or banner (column).
  • Show Recoded Values: Display the coded value for each choice on the tabulation.

Additional Options

  • Decimals: Select how many decimal places to display for values in the tabulation.
  • T-Test Significance: Choose the t-test significance level (by default set to 5%).
  • Data Highlighter: Create conditions to automatically select data in the tabulation.
  • Advanced Options: Select whether to calculate stats based on respondents (default) or to calculate stats based on responses (may be higher than the number of respondents if you are dealing with a multiple-select question). You can also choose whether to ignore non-responses or to show non-responses as an extra row and column for each banner and stub.

Export Options

You can choose to export your cross tabs to excel or PDF. Just click on the appropriate icon in the cross tab export options area.