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Formatting Answer Choices


For each answer choice, you have several options to customize the functionality of that answer. For instance, you can allow text entry, access the Rich Content Editor, or add Display Logic. You can access these options by clicking on the answer choice and then clicking the blue dropdown menu that appears on the right.


Answer Choice Options

Qtip: Some of these options will vary depending on the question type and format you are working with.
  • Allow Text Entry: Add a text entry box next to the answer choice.
  • Text Entry Size: For answer choices that have Allow Text Entry enabled, change the size of the text entry box.
  • Text Entry Validation: For answer choices that have Allow Text Entry enabled, force participants to input only a certain type of text response. For example, you might be looking specifically for a response that includes only numbers.
  • Rich Content Editor: Open the Rich Content Editor so you can add pictures, change the font style, etc., in your answer choice.
  • Insert Graphic: Insert an image into the answer choice. You can perform this same action using the Rich Content Editor.
  • Exclude from Analysis: Exclude the answer choice from calculation in your graphs, tables, and averages in your reports. Certain text, like “None of the Above” or “Not Applicable,” will automatically trigger this option. Once enabled, the choice will be marked with a red X.
  • Make Answer Exclusive: Prevent other answers from being chosen when this answer is selected (available only for Multiple Answer questions, where the respondent can select more than one answer choice). Once this option is enabled, that particular answer choice will be marked with a blue X and cannot be selected with other answer choices.
  • Insert Piped Text: Pull text from another survey question, or from a variety of other resources, into your answer choice.
  • Add Display Logic: Show or hide the answer choice conditionally. It’s also useful when carrying forward answer choices from multiple questions (manually enter choices from all source questions, then use Display Logic on each choice to determine when they should be displayed).
  • Assign to Group: Organize your answer choices into groups. This is especially useful for long lists of answer choices.

    Qtip: There are more customization options within each choice group, such as Hide Group Title, Randomization, and Remove Group. To access these options, click on the group title, then select the blue dropdown menu to the right.
  • Move Up: Move the choice up by one.
  • Move Down: Move the choice down by one.
  • Remove Choice: Delete the answer choice. You can also use the keyboard to delete by clicking inside the text box of the answer choice and pressing the Backspace or Delete key until the text is gone and the text box disappears.
Qtip: If you try to delete an answer choice that has data associated with it (i.e., you have already gathered responses), you will be warned that deleting the choice could invalidate the results.

Advanced Insert Graphic Options


  • Edit Graphic: Choose which graphic to insert into the answer choice from your Graphics Library.
  • Edit Text: Insert text beside the graphic added to the answer choice.
  • Text Position: Assign the text to display to the Top, Bottom, Left, or Right of the graphic.
  • Remove Graphic: Remove graphic from answer choice.
  • Graphic Size: Change the size of the graphic.