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Creating Questions


Once you’ve created your survey, you’re ready to start building. This page outlines how to add, delete, copy, and edit multiple questions at once in the Survey module.

Adding New Questions

  1. Click Create a New Question.

    Qtip: Questions are numbered in the order they are created, not the order they appear in the survey. You can renumber your questions by using the Auto-Number Questions feature.

  2. If desired, change the question type by clicking the green dropdown labeled Change Question Type and then select your desired question type.
  3. Click on any text to begin editing your question or choices.image02
Warning: Be careful to finish all your editing before you distribute your survey! Changing a question’s type after you’ve started collecting data may invalidate previous responses to that question.

Deleting Questions

If you no longer need a question, it can be deleted. A deleted question will be stored in your Trash at the bottom of the Survey module screen until permanently deleted.

Warning: If your survey has collected responses, deleting a question will remove all of the data associated with that question. View our pages on Testing and Editing an Active Survey and Saving and Restoring for more information.

To delete a question

  1. Move your mouse over the question.
  2. Click the red minus sign that appears to the right.

To undelete a question

  1. Click Trash/Unused Questions located at the bottom of your survey.
  2. Select the question you would like to undelete.
  3. Click Restore.

Permanently deleting a question

If you would like to permanently remove a question from your trash, select the question and then click Permanently Delete. To finalize the deletion, refresh your account. To permanently delete all questions from your trash at once, select Empty Trash.


Editing Multiple Questions

Once you have selected multiple questions in your survey, a new menu will appear allowing you to delete, copy, and move questions in addition to other options.

You have three ways to select multiple questions:

  • Select the checkboxes of the questions you want to group
  • Hold Ctrl and click the questions you want to group
  • Click the first question you want to select, hold Shift, and then click the last question you want to select. This will select both the questions you clicked and all the questions in between.

Once you have selected multiple questions, a list of group actions will appear to the right of the questions.


Group Actions

  • Send to Trash: Delete selected questions. Deleted questions will be stored in your Trash until permanently deleted.
  • Copy: Copy all selected questions at once. Copied questions are placed below the currently selected questions.
  • Group: Pull questions that are spread out across the survey into one location. Grouped questions are pulled to the location of the last selected question.
  • Move to a New Block: Moves selected questions into a newly created block placed at the end of the survey.
  • Move: Relocate all selected questions to a designated area in the survey.
  • Validation: Enable Force Response on all selected questions.

Copying Questions

If you already have the question you need in another survey, you can save time by adding that question to your survey rather than re-creating it. You can also copy pre-built questions from the Qualtrics Library.

To copy a question from your current survey

  1. Select the question.
  2. Click Copy Question.

To copy a question from a previous survey

  1. Click Import Questions From.
  2. Select My Surveys to access your other surveys currently in your account.

    Qtip: You’ll also have access to your Personal Library (which holds any surveys you’ve saved to your library), the Qualtrics Library, and possibly other libraries within your organization.
  3. Select the survey you want to copy the question(s) from.
  4. Click the question(s) you would like to copy and click Import Question.

To copy a question from the Qualtrics Library

  1. Click Import Questions From.
  2. Choose Qualtrics Library.
  3. Select Survey Library or Question Library.
  4. Select the desired category.
  5. Select the question(s) you want to copy and click Import Question.2015-04-24_15-48-48