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Notifications Feed

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About Account Notifications

You can view notifications of important changes from all over your brand. The notifications can be customized to best fit your organization’s needs.

Viewing and Managing Notifications

On any Qualtrics page, there's a bell with a red dot on it in the upper-right

Your account notifications can be reached by clicking the bell in the upper-right of your account. Once open, you can scroll from newest to oldest notifications.

List of notifications opens to the right

Click a notification to expand it. You can click the arrow in the upper-left to return to the list of notifications.

A gif of what happens when you click a notification - shows more details about it expanding in the menu

Click the dots in the upper-right to dismiss a notification and erase it from your feed. (To get rid of the red numbers next to the feed icon, all you have to do is open the feed.)

Three dots in upper-right of each notification only has a dismiss option

Notification States

Notifications can be in one of three states: unseen, seen, and read.
notifications with the three different notification states

  1. A notification in blue with a blue dot next to it means the notification is unseen. This means you haven’t opened the notifications feed since the notification arrived.
  2. A notification in blue without a dot means the notification is seen. This means you’ve opened the notification feed since the notification arrived, but you haven’t clicked on or interacted with it.
  3. A notification in grey means the notification has been read. This means you’ve already interacted with the notification.

Types of Notifications

You can customize which notifications are added to your feed and the feeds of others. Some are included by default, while others can be customized or need to be set up.

Qtip: These categories do not appear until you get your first notification in those categories. E.g., you will not see “collaboration” until someone has invited you to collaborate on a survey. If a setting is missing, it does not yet apply to you.
  • Actions: Set up in the Actions tab of a survey or the global Actions page, these notifications are highly customizable. Get notified on anything from survey data that was just collected, to ticket status changes, to your Salesforce workflow, and more. Generally, you can get notifications about usage and other administrative events. See the Notifications Feed Task page for more on how to create these notifications for yourself or other users in your Qualtrics license.
  • Approvals: Get notified when someone asks for your approval publishing a project, or any time there’s an update to your pending approval requests.
    Qtip: You will not get emails for these requests if you do not have email notifications enabled.
  • Benchmarks: Get notified about new benchmarks and changes in benchmark data.
  • Collaboration: Get notified when someone invites you to collaborate on a survey or mentions you in a comment.
  • Metric tracking: There are two kinds of notifications that qualify as “metric changes.”
    • Dashboard notifications: Get notified when there’s a significant rise or fall in data collected in your CX Dashboard, such as key company KPIs, as well as new reports that are ready for download. See Dashboard Notifications for more on how these are set up.
    • High / Low Response Count: Get notified when your surveys have an unusually high or low volume of responses. This requires no setup on your part. Response volume changes are flagged after observing trends in your responses and identifying anomalies; this is to ensure you are only notified about significant changes.
      A picture showing such a notification, complete with graph highlighting the anomaly

      Qtip: If you are trying to disable notifications about weekly responses received, turn off Digests, not Metric tracking.
  • Tickets: Get notified when tickets are assigned to you and when there are updates to ticket SLAs.
  • Surveys: Keep track of the number of responses your active surveys got in the past week. Digests come as account notifications and emails for every active survey you own that has received a response in the last 2 weeks. In the email you’ll see:
    • The total number of responses the survey has collected (all time).
    • The number of responses collected in the last week.
    • Status of responses that fulfilled quotas set in the survey (only visible if quotas are set).
    • A link to the Data & Analysis tab of the survey, to view responses.
    • A link to the Reports tab, to view responses.
    • A link to survey’s public quota dashboard (if any quotas have been set).
  • Recommendations: Get notifications about Qualtrics features that might help your experience management.
  • Workflows: Get notified based on the custom workflows that are currently set up for your organization.
  • Comments: Get notified when someone mentions you in a comment or replies to something you’ve commented on. Once clicked, these notifications take you to the dashboard where the comment was left. See Commenting on Responses for more details.

You are subscribed to all of these notifications by default.

Qtip: To decrease the frequency of notifications for users with multiple active surveys, digests are collected into a single summary notification. 4 or more active surveys are collected into the same email digest. For in-product notifications, it takes up to 10 active surveys before they are collated into a single notification.

You can unsubscribe from any and all notifications as needed. Subscriptions apply the same to email and in-account notifications.

Managing Your Notification Subscriptions

You can manage what types of notifications you are subscribed to (or unsubscribe from them all) when you open your account notifications, and click the settings gear.

A gif that shows the cursor going up to the notifications icon that looks like a bell, clicking it, clicking the gear in the menu, and then looking at the list of notifications

Select Notifications to unsubscribe from all notifications at once. To re-subscribe to some or all notifications, first re-select Notifications at the top.

You can subscribe/unsubscribe to notifications by preferred channel. Your options are email and mobile notifications.

You can also unsubscribe / subscribe to individual types of notifications by toggling the type you want to receive. For a guide to each type of notification, see Types of Notifications.

Qtip: You can also get to your subscription preferences by clicking Unsubscribe in the CX digests emails you receive.
Qtip: You cannot unsubscribe on a survey-by-survey or dashboard-by-dashboard basis. Remember you can edit survey and dashboard notifications in projects you have editing access to. If you’re getting response digests on older surveys you aren’t running anymore, consider deactivating those surveys to remove them from digests.

Mobile Notifications

You can also access notifications on the Qualtrics XM app. In the app, you can view your notifications and also change your notification settings. See Mobile App Notifications for more information.
the notifications icon in the top right