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Question Options Overview


In the Question Options menu, you can perform tasks such as randomizing answer choices, adding conditions to control who will see your question, and customizing other question aspects. To access the Question Options list, either right-click on the question or select the gray gear icon to the left of any selected question.


Available Question Options

  • Add Display Logic: Create logic that determines the conditions for which your question will be displayed.
  • Carry Forward Choices: Pull in the answer choices, statements, or scale points from a previous question in your survey, for use in your current question.
  • Add Skip Logic: Skip respondents ahead to another point in the survey depending on how they answer the question.
  • Add JavaScript: Customize your question with JavaScript, a programming language that helps you add interactive features and enhanced functionality to your survey.
  • Add Default Choices: Choose a default answer that will be preselected when the respondent starts the survey.
  • Add Note: Add a comment to the question for your own benefit or for anyone you’re sharing the survey with. These notes will not be displayed to the respondents.
  • Recode Values: Use this option to change the default coding or variable names for your choices. The coding you set here will be reflected in your reports and raw data and is used to calculate all statistics.
  • Randomization: Set your choices to display in a random order.
  • Add Choice Group: Group answer choices for the respondent (available for Multiple Choice and Matrix Table questions).