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Imported Data Projects

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Imported Data Projects

In the XM platform, data from other external sources can be uploaded and analyzed using Stats iQ.

Qtip: Imported Data projects do not have access to Text iQ, reports, or other project features.
Qtip: Imported Data projects are not currently available to all customers. If you are interested in getting access to this feature, please reach out to your Customer Success Representative.

Preparing a File for Import

Your file can be saved in the following formats: .xlsx, .csv, .tsv, .sav (SPSS), and .xls. You can also upload those files in compressed form by using the format [filename].[file type].zip (e.g., mydata.csv.zip, odata.xlsx.zip). Stats iQ can also take Triple-S files, which must be imported in a compressed format (myfile.sss.zip).

The first row of your file should contain the headers for each of the fields you’d like to import. These headers will end up being the names of the fields in your project, so make sure they’re clear and concise. Under each header, enter the data for each participant.

Qtip: Your file should contain only one header row. If you export data from a Qualtrics survey to use in an Imported Data project, be sure to delete extraneous header rows.

An exported data file that has the first row highlighted but the second and third scratched out

Formatting Multiple Answer Data for Import

You are able to import multi-value fields such as from a multiple answer survey question. As shown below, you are able to import them as one of the following:
1. One column containing the results for all answer choices.
2. The multi-value data split into individual columns.

Format of multi-value or multiple answer fields as imports into Stats iQ

After successfully importing the multiple answer data, the data will be available to be used as a variable in Stats iQ.

Variable describe view for multiple answer question in Stats iQ

Creating an Imported Data Project

  1. Navigate to the Projects page by clicking the XM logo or clicking Projects on the top-right.
    Create Project button in Projects Page
  2. Click Create new project.
  3. Select CoreXM.
    CoreXM section of projects modal reveals an imported data project option
  4. Select Imported data.
  5. If you choose From a File click Choose File and select the file you prepared. The project name will match the file you uploaded, but you can change this if desired.
    Tabs can be selected in middle of modal
  6. If you choose Paste Data, you can paste data from Google Sheets or Excel. Remember to name your project.
    Get started button in blue, bottom-right of modal
  7. When you’re ready, click Get Started.

Project Actions

When you’re on the Project page, you can click the dropdown to the far-right of a project for more options.

dropdown next to project expanded

  • Analyze Project: Analyze the project in Stats iQ.
  • Rename Project: Rename the project.
  • Copy Project: Create a duplicate of the imported data project.
  • Delete Project: Delete the project. Only do this if you are absolutely sure! Deleted Imported Data projects cannot be recovered.