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Fonts and Colors


In the Look & Feel menu of the Survey module, you can customize the fonts and colors of your entire survey to create a more engaging and professional experience for respondents. (If you want to change the format of text within a specific question or message, use the Rich Content Editor instead.)


Qtip: Font and color changes made in the Look & Feel won’t appear in the your survey editor view. You can view styling changes by previewing your survey.


You can change the font of your questions and answer choices in the Fonts tab of the Look & Feel menu.


Qtip: For better readability on computer screens, try using Sans Serif fonts like Arial, Tahoma, and Verdana.

To change the font and relative size of all the non-question and choice text in your survey, specify the font and size from the top dropdown menu. This includes text from error messages and default End of Survey messages.


If you only want to change the font of the question text, select Change Question Text and specify the format.


If you only want to change the font of answer choice text, select Change Choice Text and specify the format.



You can change the color of items within your survey in the Colors tab of the Look & Feel menu. From this tab, you can customize the color of different text segments, add a color for alternate rows of a Matrix table, specify the highlighter color, and more.


Qtip: Looking to add a single color scheme to your survey all at once? Visit our Branded Surveys Tutorial page to learn how.

To change the color of an item

  1. Click the color swatch.image10
  2. Select a color.image01
    Qtip: You can also enter a HEX code to set a specific color.
  3. Click OK.image04

Items with color options

You can change the color of the following items:

  • Text: Change the color of all text.
  • Question Text: Change the color of question text.
  • Choice Text: Change the color of answer choice text.
  • Text Entry: Change the color of text typed into text entry questions and selected in dropdown lists.
  • Borders: Change the color of the border around items with borders.
  • Error: Changes the background color of error messages. Click (Show/Hide) to preview the error message.
  • Background: Change the background color of the survey theme.
  • Header: Change the default color for the header text.
  • Footer: Change the default color for the footer text.
  • Alternate Row: Give every other row in certain questions types the selected color.
  • Question Separator: Add a colored line between each question on the page.
  • Highlights: Highlight the question your respondents are currently on (note that the question will be highlighted when clicked; as soon as a new question is clicked, the highlighting will move to that new question). This will also highlight the questions that did not pass validation and require attention to continue.
Qtip: The color options available for your survey will depend on the specific theme you are using. Not all options are available for all survey themes.

Alternate Row

The Alternate Row option lets you choose a color for every other row in certain questions types.


You can do this with the following question types:

Remove color changes

To reset all colors to the original theme, click Reset Colors.


Look & Feel vs Rich Content Editor

Fonts and text color can be edited two ways: globally and locally. Global style changes are made in the Look & Feel menu and affect all question and/or answer text. Local style changes are made in the Rich Content Editor for that specific question or answer choice. Local changes override global changes, so if you make a change in the Rich Content Editor of a question, you will see those settings instead of whatever is set in the Look & Feel.

You can use Strip Formatting to quickly remove all local formatting from selected questions and let the global changes take effect uniformly.

To strip formatting

  1. Select all of the questions by clicking on the first question, scrolling to the bottom, holding down shift, and clicking the last question.image09
  2. Go to Tools.image03
  3. Click Strip Formatting.image13