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Contact List Overview


A contact list is a mailing list that has been entered or uploaded into Qualtrics. These contact lists are sometimes referred to as panels, and can be created in house or purchased from a panel provider. You can use contact lists to easily distribute surveys to all listed individuals (known as contacts), to apply authentication requirements to surveys, and to store information about particular contacts (either to use directly in surveys or later in data analysis).

Qtip: Contact lists can also be called “Panels” and are the same thing.

Contact List Organization

By default, you can toggle between viewing all your lists, your Contact Lists, or your Samples by using the Filter By dropdown. You can also search for a specific contact list using the search bar in the top right corner.

In addition, you can use custom folders and subfolders to organize your lists (you can create as many as you’d like). These folders are always displayed to the left. To create new folders, click the New Folder button and drag and drop the desired contact lists into the folder. You can also nest folders within each other by dragging and dropping.

List Options

The List Options menu is found within the gray gear dropdown, located to the far right of each contact list and sample.

From this menu, you can perform the following actions:

  • Export List: Download a copy of your list. You can choose which file type, whether to export the Embedded Data, and which subscription status (all, subscribed, or unsubscribed) of members will be included.
  • Import List: Add new contacts manually or import them by uploading a CSV.
    Qtip: You can use the Export and Import options together to edit or update a contact list.
  • Send Email to List: Email your contacts a message that does not include a survey link.
    Example: You could send a simple presurvey introduction or a friendly thank-you email.
  • Edit List Details: Rename your list, select a folder for your list, or view the List ID (IDs are useful for features like API).
  • Move List: Move the list to a different library (e.g., another group you have access to).
  • Delete: Delete your list.
    Qtip: You can delete multiple lists at a time by checking the corresponding lists on the left and selecting With Selected Items dropdown and then Delete.

Samples have a shorter version of this option list, with the additional option of regenerating the sample.

Contact List Sharing

Contact lists are survey-independent. You can send multiple surveys to the same list, or send the same survey to multiple lists. As such, contact lists are shared separately from surveys (so if you a share a survey, you’re not automatically sharing any lists).

When you first enter the Contacts section, you will see lists in the My Contacts view. These are lists created and owned by your account.

In addition to My Contacts, many organizations choose to set up User Groups to facilitate content sharing. For each Group you are a member of, you will see an associated Group Contact Lists view where you can access lists shared by all Group members.


Depending on the specific permissions of the Group, you may also be able to view, edit, and use lists in the Group Contact Lists.

Qtip: If you would like to edit or use lists in the Group Lists but are currently unable to do so, please contact your Qualtrics Administrator for help.

Current Jobs

When generating a sample or exporting a contact list (tasks that may take time), a Current Jobs notice will appear next to the Create Sample button.

Clicking on this notice reveals the list of currently or recently run jobs, their progress, and the options to cancel the job before completion or view the job after completion.


While these jobs are running, you can leave the page and work in other sections. When you return to the Contacts section, you can check on the job’s progress or view the finished task. Yellow means the job is currently running and white means the job is complete. After turning white, the notice will disappear once the page is refreshed.