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Searching, Sorting, & Organizing Mailing Lists & Samples

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Qtip: XM Directory is an improvement upon the old Target Audience, with user interface (UI) changes made to integrate more seamlessly with the XM platform. If you do not have XM Directory and would like to purchase access, contact your Account Executive.

About Searching, Sorting, & Organizing Mailing Lists & Samples

Once you’ve created your mailing lists and created some samples, you will be able to manage them on the Lists tab. You will be able to use sorting and searching methods to find lists, then organize them into folders.

Searching Mailing Lists

You can search mailing lists by their names by typing them into the Search bar in the upper-right. You can also limit whether you are seeing all lists or just mailing lists or samples: use the Showing dropdown on the upper-left.

Limiting the type of list shown and searching

Qtip: Mailing lists are indicated by green icons. Samples are indicated by purple icons. The mailing list a sample belongs to is listed below the name.

A sample and a mailing list

Sorting Mailing Lists

You can sort your mailing lists to make them easier to find. Use the Sort By dropdown on the upper-right. You can sort by:

Sort By dropdown has a name, last modified, created date, and owner

  • Name: The list’s name in alphabetical order.
  • Last Modified: The lists in order of those most recently edited. This includes creation, renaming, and adding or removing contacts.
  • Created Date: The date the lists were created.
  • Owner: Who owns the list. For more on shared lists, see the Shared with Me Folder section below.


If you want to organize your lists, you can create a series of folders. Both samples and mailing lists can be added to folders.

on far left of lists tab, folders are listed

If you want to view a folder’s contents, select it on the menu on the left. All Lists contains the contents of all folders. Uncategorized contains any list that hasn’t been sorted into a folder.

Creating & Managing Folders

Click Create Folder at the bottom of the menu to create a new folder. Then type the name where it says Untitled Folder.

Creating a folder

Right-click on a folder in the menu to rename the folder, create another folder within it, or to delete the folder.

Right click menu on a folder

You can drag and drop folders to nest them inside each other.

Qtip: If you accidentally drag one folder inside another, simply drag your folder into Uncategorized to take it out.

Sorting into Folders

You can create a list right inside a folder, or you can drag and drop lists into the folders.

Folders are sorted in the menu in alphabetical order and cannot be reordered.

Sharing Lists

You can share mailing lists with users in your brand. But first, you and the user you want to share with must be in a group together. You can see what groups you belong to by expanding the subfolders under your Shared with Me folder.

Shared with me folder

If there are no groups listed here, or if you don’t know who belongs to this group, contact your Brand Administrator to get a group created.

Sharing Existing Lists

Drag and drop lists into the folder of the groups you desire to share with. You cannot share a sample unless the mailing list the sample is taking from has also been shared.

An arrow indicating a list can be dragged into the Demo Group folder

Creating New Shared Lists

Navigate to the folder of the group you wish to share with. Then click Create Shared List. From there, you can create the mailing list and then create samples of it the same way you would if it were created in a different folder.

Create shared list button on top and bottom of the empty folder

List Actions

When you click the dropdown next to a list or a sample, you will have several actions to choose from. These are very similar to the options found under List Options.

Mailing List Actions

Clicking the dropdown next to a mailing list (indicated by green icon). Options are listed below in bullet points, with what they each do

Sample Actions

Clicking the dropdown next to a sample (indicated by purple icon). Options are listed below in bullet points, with what they each do

  • Export Contacts: Export your sample. This works just list exporting your mailing list.
  • Edit Sample: Change the name, sample size, and sampling criteria. Once you click Save and Resample, the sample will be taken again according to the conditions.
  • Copy Sample: Create a new sample. When you click this option, a window will open with a copied sample and all the same sampling criteria; you can adjust the name of the list, the sampling criteria, and the mailing list being sampled before creating the copy. This is a great way to quickly make multiple similar samples with slight adjustments.
  • Delete Sample: Delete the sample.