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Mailing List Options

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About Mailing List Options

When you are inside of a mailing list or a sample, there is a List Options button in the upper-right corner. This button allows you to manage your list in many ways, including by adding samples, exporting the list, renaming the list, and deleting the list.

List Options expanded on the upper-right

Export List Contacts

You can export your mailing list in a file format of your choosing.

Qtip: It doesn’t matter which contacts are selected. All contacts will be included in the export.
  1. Click List Options.
    List Options expanded and Export List Contacts selected
  2. Click Export list contacts.
  3. Select a File Format.
    The Export contacts window
  4. Choose whether to Export Contact Stats. This is information about contact frequency, response rate, etc.
  5. Choose whether to Export Embedded DataYes exports all Embedded Data, No exports none, and Specify Embedded Data allows you to choose which fields to export.
  6. Click Export contacts.

Export Sample Contacts

You can export all the contacts in a sample using the same workflow after going to List Options and selecting Export sample contacts.

Export Sample Contacts

Specify Embedded Data

To specify embedded data, simply select fields from the menu on the right. Selected fields are in blue along the bottom of the menu.

Specify Embedded Data is selected and a box of selectable fields appears to the right

To remove fields, click the X next to their names.

View List Samples

Selecting View list samples allows you to view a list of the samples you’ve created for this mailing list. If you click one of the samples, it’ll take you there. You can also use the dropdown on the right of each sample to copy it.

List of samples

Manage Message Triggers

Message Triggers send out an email when a contact is added to a chosen mailing list. This email can go to any email address you want, or to the contact themselves.

For more details, see the Message Triggers support page.

Create Sample from List

Create Sample from List will take you to the sample creation screen.

Rename List

After you select Rename list, type the new name in the field. Then click Rename list.

Renaming the list

Delete List

You can delete a mailing list or a sample by selecting Delete list/Delete sample under List Options.

Delete List option under List Options

You can also find it under the dropdown arrow next to a list on the Segments & lists tab.

Delete List in the actions dropdown

Once deleted, these lists are irretrievable. The contacts will still exist in the directory and in any other lists they’ve been added to.

Any distributions sent with this list will no longer have links in the history, and any link not clicked will be disabled; however, any links opened with responses in progress will still work and be able to submit a response complete with contact information.

Completed survey responses will remain the the contact’s history. No response data will be deleted from the survey.

The results of deleting a sample is the same as deleting a mailing list.

Attention: Deleting a mailing list deletes all its samples.

Sample List Options

Image showing the available list options for a sample

  • Export Sample Contacts: Export your sample. This works just list exporting your mailing list.
  • Refresh Embedded Data: Refreshes the embedded data for contacts in your sample by pulling updated Embedded Data from the Directory.
  • Edit Sample: Change the name, sample size, and sampling criteria. Once you click Save and Resample, the sample will be taken again according to the conditions.
    Edit sample window, which looks the same as the Create Sample window
  • Copy Sample: Create a copy of the sample.
  • Delete Sample: Delete the sample.