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COVID-19 Brand Trust Pulse

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About the COVID-19 Brand Trust Pulse

In this time of intense uncertainty and uncharted territories, what makes a brand trusted today has shifted. Brands need to understand how consumers have reprioritized the drivers of trust, and how their actions during this crisis can positively (or negatively) impact consumers’ trust.

The COVID-19 Brand Trust Pulse is a free solution to assess consumers’ trust in your brand, and your competitors, based on the best practices of the most trusted brands during this crisis. This solution supplements your current understanding of brand trust with a focus on the immediate actions that will earn and maintain trust with consumers at this moment.

This XM Solution includes a pre-built survey and report.

Qtip: All existing Qualtrics users have access to the COVID-19 Brand Trust Pulse XM Solution! Just follow the steps on this page to get started. If you are not an existing Qualtrics user and would like to get access to the COVID-19 Brand Trust Pulse solution, please see this page for more information!


Qualtrics conducted a study of consumer perceptions in March 2020 which revealed that 65% of consumers indicated that brands’ actions during a time of crisis have a significant or major impact on their trust in that brand. The study also uncovered the most important actions taken by the brands most trusted during this crisis. The COVID-19 Brand Trust Pulse allows customers to benchmark their brands and their competitors against these best practices.

Who is this for:

  • Marketing and insights professionals responsible for brand strategy, brand tracking, and/or communication.
  • Business owners, CEOs, CHROs, and Customer Experience leaders who want an understanding of how their actions are impacting brand trust during this crisis.

What can it be used for:

  • Providing a pre-built 3-5 minute survey to assess consumers’ trust in your brand and your competitors. Choose up to five competitors to compare your brand against.
  • Distributing to your own panels or a panel purchased through Qualtrics.
  • Analyzing a pre-built report to identify the actions your organization can take to build and maintain trust.

Creating a COVID-19 Brand Trust Pulse

All existing Qualtrics users have access to the COVID-19 Brand Trust Pulse XM Solution. Just follow the steps below to get started. If you are not an existing Qualtrics user and would like to get access to the COVID-19 Brand Trust Pulse solution, please see this page to sign up for free!

Qtip: This XM Solution is only available in English. You will only be able to make this project if your account language is set to English. However, you can upload translations or auto-translate using Google Translate for content as needed. See FAQs for more details.
  1. Navigate to the Projects page by clicking the XM logo or clicking Projects on the top-right.
    Create Project button in Projects Page
  2. Click Create new project.
  3. Select CoreXM.
    CoreXM logo along top. Section for COVID-19 related XM solutions, where the COVID-19 Brand Trust Pulse is listed
  4. Under COVID-19 XM Solutions, select COVID-19 Brand Trust Pulse.
  5. Name your project.
    New page with field for naming. Get started button blue to right
  6. Click Get Started.
  7. You will land on the summary view. This is where the Solution will guide you through the major steps of the project, including survey creation, distribution, and reporting.
    clicking get started to begin the solution
  8. There will be a description of the first step you are about to complete. Click Get Started to start building your project.
  9. Enter your company’s name.
    Open text box for name. A series of text boxes for competitor names. Next button in blue bottom-right
  10. Enter the names of up to five competitors.
  11. Click Next.
  12. Select the demographics you want to measure.
    Series of demographics with checkboxes next to each. Finish button in blue, bottom-right
    Qtip: If you change your mind, we have pre-made library content you can add to your survey later.
  13. When you’ve filled out these fields, click Finish to generate your survey.
  14. Click Preview Survey to test your survey.
    clicking preview survey or using the top tabs to navigate

    Qtip: Did your survey Preview not appear? Make sure your browser doesn’t block pop-ups on Qualtrics.
  15. Click Continue to resume the guided setup.
  16. Use the tabs along the top if you’d like to edit components not included in the blue button steps. For example, you can go to the Survey tab to edit the survey theme and add demographic questions, whereas you can go to the Distributions tab to download a distribution history for emails you’ve sent.

Brand Trust Survey Customization

If you want to see the questions in your survey or edit them, click the Survey tab or choose I’d like to edit my survey.

navigating to the survey tab or clicking I'd like to edit my survey

Once inside the Survey tab, you can add new questions, tweak the wording on existing ones, edit the survey theme, and much more.

the survey tab

If there’s particular functionality you’d like to add, try searching the Support Site, or use the Support Site’s menu to the left to pick a page. In this section, we’ll cover some of the fundamentals of survey editing.

Qtip: The questions included in this survey were developed by our top subject matter experts. We advise trying to keep your survey as similar to the original template as possible, and not making too many large-scale changes.

Adding and Editing Questions

Warning: It’s important to make edits to the survey before you distribute it. If possible, avoid making edits to a survey actively collecting data, or you may risk invalidating your data and changing the premade reports that come with this solution. See Testing / Editing an Active Survey.

You can add as many additional questions as you want. However, keep in mind that the shorter the survey, the more likely respondents are to fill it out.

For guides to adding and editing questions, see:

Qtip: For surveys like these, we generally advise sticking to multiple choice and text entry questions.

Survey Flow

The survey flow is where you customize the order in which respondents experience the elements of your survey. As the name suggests, it’s where you determine the “flow” of your survey. Here, you will find a few different elements.

The first is branch logic. This feature allows you to hide or show entire groups of questions based on answers respondents gave earlier in the survey. Please do not remove or edit this element without paying close attention to the question the logic is based off of and the block of questions the branch logic is controlling.

In the survey flow, a gray block, a blu branch with a gray block indented under it, and a gray block

As shown in the screenshot above, one of the branches in the survey flow leads to an end of survey element. That means whatever respondents meet the branch’s condition will be sent out of the survey early instead of being allowed to finish the survey. Any screen-out responses that are recorded will still count against your account’s response limit. To change this, carefully read the customization options available to you.

Warning: When you remove or edit a question, it can affect branch logic on another question. Be sure to double-check your survey before making these edits!

Last (but not least), your survey flow has a randomizer. This element randomizes the order that respondents see blocks of questions about brands they’ve indicated they know. Be very careful when making edits with the randomizer – it is currently set up so that questions about the same brand are grouped together into blocks, but the order of those blocks is random. The randomizer will also do its best to make sure elements are evenly presented.

Pink randomizer in survey flow. Indented below it are a series of branches with blocks under them. Each branch specifies if a respondent has indicated they're familiar with a brand, and if so, they get to see questions about that particular brand

Deleting and Restoring Questions

Warning: If you delete a question, it’ll affect the premade report included with this solution! Be prepared to either make edits to the report or create a new one from scratch.

If you have sent a question to the trash, it is possible to restore it. To roll back many changes at once, see also how to revert a survey back to a previous version.

Survey Options

Survey Options is where you go to change many general survey settings, such as the survey expiration date or the message that will appear to respondents when they finish the survey.

Prevent Ballot Box Stuffing option is selected

In the COVID-19 Brand Trust Pulse, Prevent Ballot-Box Stuffing is turned off by default, making it easier for respondents to retake the survey as needed.

When enabled, Prevent Ballot Box Stuffing keeps respondents from taking a survey multiple times by placing a cookie on their browser when they submit a response. The next time the respondent clicks on the survey link, Qualtrics will see this cookie and not permit them to take the survey. If you like the sound of this functionality, you can turn it back on at any time in the Survey Options.

Saving and Publishing

All edits you make are saved automatically; however, they won’t necessarily be pushed to the live version of the survey. When you are finished with all of your edits and are ready to generate a link and share the survey with your respondents, remember to click Publish in the upper-right.

For more on how this works, see Survey Publishing & Versions.

Distributing the COVID-19 Brand Trust Pulse

When you are ready to distribute the COVID-19 Brand Trust Pulse, complete the following steps.

  1. Make sure you have published any survey edits.
    Green publish button, upper-right of survey editor
  2. Open the Guidance panel.
    navigating to the launch section of the guidance tab and selecting an option
  3. Navigate to the Launch section.
  4. Decide how you’d like to launch your assessment.
    • Let Qualtrics find respondents for me: Click this if you want to purchase a panel of respondents from Qualtrics. You will redirected to a survey where you will fill out some basic information. Later, a Qualtrics representative will reach out to you with a quote, take payment, and launch the assessment for you with a representative sample of your target audience.
    • Launch Assessment: Choose another method of distribution for your survey. If you click this, you will be redirected to the Distributions tab of your survey. We describe what these options are like in the next section.
Qtip: Brand surveys are usually sent to general consumers, not customers of your own brand. This is to get a more realistic picture of how your brand is perceived in the market.

Distributions Tab

selecting the anonymous link

If you are not using a Qualtrics panel, we recommend using the Anonymous Link to distribute your survey, because it’s the quickest and easiest distribution method.

If you are interested in other methods of distribution, such as emailing from Qualtrics, see the Distributions Basic Overview for a list of options. Please note that depending on your license, not all options may be available, and some may be restricted.

Qtip: If you distribute through email to a Qualtrics contact list, results will not be anonymous unless you change the link type while writing the email or choose to anonymize responses in the Survey tab.


Premade Reports

Our XM Scientists have developed a custom report for this XM Solution. This report gives an overview of the results, and is ready to share as soon as you have collected data. This report shows your brand’s performance on the 10 attributes of trust based on our proprietary research, displayed in order of importance. It also outlines a full scale evaluation on each trust factor of your brand and each of your top competitors.

the reports tab

Qtip: This report will not generate charts and tables until you collect data. Try completing the survey through the preview button if you want to test what these reports look like with data. Remember you can always delete preview data later.
Qtip: The premade report was developed by our top subject matter experts. We advise trying to keep your report as similar to the original template as possible, and not making too many large-scale changes.
Warning: Do not delete the premade report! If you do, this report will not be retrievable, and you will have to make a new one from scratch.

Other Ways to View Data

While Advanced-Reports include an expert premade report, this report is limited to showing 250 comments for a given Text Entry question (those are the open feedback questions). To see a full set of responses, you’ll want to use one of the other reporting options described below.

Data & Analysis allows you to edit data, export a spreadsheet of all responses, filter your responses, and much more.

the data and analysis tab

Results-Reports give a quick overview of your data, and do not require you to work from scratch. They have different charts and graphs than Advanced-Reports, and are generally there to help you get quick assessments of data.

the results tab

Qtip: There is no CX Dashboard associated with this XM Solution. If you are on a Qualtrics license with CX Dashboards, you can map this XM Solution’s data to a dashboard just like any other Qualtrics survey.

Weekly Response Notifications

Qtip: You may not see this functionality yet. That’s because this feature is still gradually rolling out. When the feature is enabled for your COVID-19 XM Solutions, you will see weekly notifications come in on Mondays.

Built into each of the free COVID-19 XM Solutions are weekly reports of how many responses your survey has received in the past week, and how many responses that makes for the survey in total. These notifications come every Monday morning.

Reports are sent as emails and as notifications in your account.

Qtip: Weekly digests are only sent for COVID-19 XM Solutions that are active and have received responses over the last two weeks.

Viewing Reports

Once you receive the email or notification, there are two buttons.

Email listing number of survey responses. Under the text is a blue button, and under that blue text on a white background

Notification as it appears inside a Qualtrics account instead, with same buttons listed

Qtip: If you’re clicking these buttons from your email, you may need to log into your account before you are taken to these tabs.

Unsubscribing from Weekly Notifications

If you no longer wish to receive weekly notifications, you can click unsubscribe at the bottom of the email.

Unsubscribe button at the very bottom of the email

Qtip: This will unsubscribe you from all weekly digests summarizing your COVID-19 XM Solutions. You cannot unsubscribe from a specific project.

Subscribing to Updates

Most users will be subscribed to these weekly notifications automatically. However, if you unsubscribed and find you want to start receiving them again, you can do the following:

Qtip: Users that have 10 or more active surveys that have received responses in the last 2 weeks will not be automatically subscribed.
  1. Go to your Qualtrics account.
  2. In the upper-right corner, click the notifications icon.
    Bell upper-right, once opened, settings gear is below that, further right
  3. Click the settings gear.
  4. Select Digests to subscribe to weekly notifications.
    Digests is listed towards the bottom, one of the last options. Notifications is towards the top, the first option in the panel
  5. You may need to select Notifications first if you at some time or another unsubscribed from all account notifications.

Other Free COVID-19 XM Solutions

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If you are not an existing Qualtrics user and would like to get access to these solutions, please see this page to sign up for free!