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Survey Flow Overview


The Survey Flow is a block-level view of your survey. From here, you can customize where respondents go in your survey and what they see. You can perform simple tasks like rearranging blocks, or you can add elements like Branch Logic that direct and personalize your respondents’ survey experience. Respondents will start at the top of the flow and work their way through until they reach an end point and finish the survey.

Example: You can use a combination of Survey Flow elements to screen out respondents who do not meet your target demographic and give them a custom end of survey message.

To access the Survey Flow, click Survey Flow in the navigation bar of the Survey module.


In the Survey Flow, you will see a list of the question blocks, or groups of questions, in your survey. In basic surveys, you may see just one block.

The Survey Flow above is a basic survey that contains just three Blocks. The survey creator is organizing the Web Page Blocks in the Survey Flow before any questions are added.
Qtip: For information on how to split your survey into multiple Question Blocks, refer to our Block Options page.

The Survey Flow can be customized by adding new elements such as Branches (used to show certain blocks only to those who meet conditions you specify), Randomizers (used to randomly choose which Blocks each respondent will see), and a variety of other Elements. See a complete list in the Using the Survey Flow section of this page.

In the Survey Flow above, a Randomizer is used to ensure that each respondent sees only one of the Web Page Blocks, and that the presentation of the different Web Page Blocks is random.

Adding Elements

  1. Click Add a New Element Here or Add Below.image10
  2. Choose the element you would like to add.image02
  3. Click Save Flow when you are finished making edits (if you made an edit by mistake, simply click Cancel to not save the change).image03
Qtip: If you choose to duplicate a block that is already in the Survey Flow and respondents see it twice, the second instance will display all of the same questions with their previous answers filled in. Qualtrics will save the responses from the last instance the block was shown.

Moving Elements

In the Survey Flow, you can easily change the order in which respondents will see Blocks.

  1. Click and hold down the Move option on the element you would like to move.image06
  2. Drag the element to the correct place inside the Survey Flow.image01
  3. Click Save Flow.image03
Qtip: You can also move selected elements in the Survey Flow by selecting the element and pressing the and keys on your keyboard.

Element Options

The following is a list of the different Survey Flow elements that can be used in combination with each other to create a well designed research project.

  • Question Blocks: Show a block of questions (typically used in conjunction with other Survey Flow elements).
  • Branches: Conditionally display blocks and other elements.
  • Embedded Data: Add any extra information beyond the question responses (such as panel data or other variables).
  • Randomizer: Randomly present question blocks and other elements.
  • Web Service: Pull external information into the survey.
  • Authenticator: Verify respondents’ identities before they take the survey.
  • End of Survey: Terminate respondents at various locations with custom experiences.
  • Table of Contents: Allow respondents to self-navigate question blocks.
  • Reference Surveys: Use the same sets of questions in multiple surveys.

More Information

You can zoom in and out within the Survey Flow view by clicking on the Zoom out/Zoom in  options.


Each Survey Flow element has a unique Survey Flow ID. This ID can be seen by selecting Show Flow IDs. These IDs are used in the downloaded data file so you can identify which elements within the Randomizer were randomized.