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Library Basic Overview

What's on This Page:

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About the Library Page

You can store surveys, graphics, messages, and other file types within your Qualtrics libraries. You can access this content by going to the Library page.

Choosing library from the top-level navigation in the top-left of every page of the website

There are four libraries within the Library page:

  • Survey Library: Stores templates of surveys, blocks, and questions for later copying, editing, or referencing in other projects.
  • Graphics Library: Stores images you’ve uploaded to Qualtrics for later use in survey themes, questions, and messages.
  • Files Library: Stores any non-image files you’ve uploaded to Qualtrics for later use in survey questions and messages.
  • Messages Library: Stores all messages used in your surveys (Invite Emails, End of Survey messages, Custom Validation messages, etc.).

Personal, Group, and Organization Libraries

When you first enter the Library page, you will see the items in your Personal Library. This is a library created exclusively for you, where content you personally create or add will be stored for future access. Your Personal Library content is available for you to view, edit, copy, and use in any of your surveys.

Personal and Group Libraries dropdown in top-left corner of Library Page

In addition to your personal library, many organizations choose to set up user groups to facilitate content sharing. For each group of which you are a member, you will see an associated library where you can access content shared by all group members. Depending on the specific permissions of the group, you may also be able to view, copy, edit, and use content in the user group library. Only Brand Administrators have the ability to create groups, so be sure to reach out to them if you would like one created.

Qtip: If you would like to edit, copy, or use user group library content but are currently unable to do so, it may be because of the group settings. These settings can be altered by your Brand Administrator.

Organization libraries are user group libraries that are available to all users within the organization. These libraries do not have restrictions for who can access the content saved within them. To create an organization library, a Brand Administrator will need to create a user group and set the Available to All Users option to For this brand. See this support page for more information about creating an organization library.

You will also see the Qualtrics Library, full of example surveys and other content, which you are free to use in your research.

To switch between libraries

  1. Click the current library dropdown on the top-left corner of the page.
    Personal and Group Libraries dropdown in top-left corner of Library Page
  2. Choose a different library from the list.

Library Organization

Each library has certain default folders and sorting functionalities. For example, at the top of the library view, you have an item type bar that allows you to quickly search for different types of content.

Qtip: If an item is grayed out, this means you have not yet added any of this type of content. Once you have added this type of content, the item will become clickable. In the below example, blocks or questions have not yet been added to the library, so the options are grayed out.

All Folders section on lefthand pane and options to Show Specific type of item

You can create as many folders as desired and each folder can have as many subfolders and sub-subfolders as you need. Use the item type bar in conjunction with your custom folders to quickly and easily find items.

Examples Folder on lefthand pane with Show Surveys option selected
In the below example, only blocks in the Customer Satisfaction folder are being displayed. Surveys and questions are excluded.

If you need to search for an item, you can use the Search bar to quickly find items by their name. Just type any part of the item name into the box and Qualtrics will search your current folder. To search all folders in that library, select All Folders and then search.

Qtip: Having trouble finding your content? Make sure you have All Folders and Show All selected to ensure you are searching your entire library. The below example is only searching for blocks in the Customer Satisfaction folder.

Search Survey Library entry box in top-right corner of Library

To add and use custom folders

  1. Click the New Folder button.
    New Folder button in lefthand pane
  2. Name the folder.
    Text box to enter Folder Name
  3. Place existing items into the folder by dragging them to the folder and dropping them in.
    Physically clicking and dragging library item to folder in lefthand pane

    Qtip: You can nest folders by dragging a folder and dropping it into another one.

Folder Options

For custom folders in your library, you can perform the following actions:

  • Rename Folder: Edit the name of the folder.
  • Create Subfolder: Create additional folders within the present folder.
  • Delete Folder: Delete this folder and any subfolders, automatically moving all contents to the default Uncategorized folder.

Dropdown arrow next to Folder name