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Stats iQ in CX Dashboards

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Attention: You are reading about a feature not everyone with CX Dashboards and Stats iQ has access to yet. If you have questions about when you will gain access to this feature, please contact your Customer Success Representative. If you do not have Stats iQ or CX Dashboards and are interested in purchasing access, contact your Account Executive.

About Stats iQ in CX Dashboards

Stats iQ is a powerful  statistical analysis tool. With this tool, you can easily conduct analyses such as regressions, cluster analysis, and more.

Stats iQ can be used inside your CX Dashboard to analyze data from all the sources loaded into your project mapper. It is meant to be a separate analysis tool from the dashboard itself, and as a result the analysis isn’t able to be displayed on the dashboard itself.

Qtip: The Stats iQ you access from the dashboard is not the same as one you access directly from a project. This is because using Stats iQ from a dashboard lets you analyze multiple sources for that dashboard; Stats iQ inside a survey cannot integrate different surveys’ data.

Accessing Stats iQ

You can reach Stats iQ and begin to analyze your dashboard data there by using the button in the upper-right of the screen.

Bar chart looking icon in upper-left

Before you see this icon, you will need to have both of the following:

Qtip: If you are a project administrator, you may see this button even if you don’t have Stats iQ permission. In that case, when you click the button, you will be taken to the message, “Only users of this dashboard who have Stats iQ enabled and have access to all data can use Stats iQ.” Contact your Brand Administrator if you think you are supposed to have access.

Stats iQ Capabilities

When you add sources to your dashboard, you will need to load them into Stats iQ. Click the Settings button and then select Import Latest Data.

Stats iQ. Aforementioned button in upper-right

Stats iQ has the same capabilities in CX Dashboards as it has in the Survey Platform. The differences are that surveys and Imported Data projects are external to CX Dashboards and, while they can be used as sources in CX Dashboards, have separate Stats iQ.

See the menu to the left or the search at the top-right of the site to find Stats iQ pages. For beginners, check out our Stats iQ Basic Overview for a video and introductory material.