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Survey Module Overview


The Survey module is where you build and edit the survey piece of your project. From here, you’ll create questions, add logic and validation, design the look, and more. This page outlines the major areas in the Survey module and points out some of the more commonly used features.

Survey Editor

The main area of the Survey module is the survey editor—the space where you create and edit individual questions and blocks. Here you can see each question in your survey laid out in the order they’ll appear to your respondents. Any change to a question’s content or functionality will be made here.


The navigation bar holds all the more global options for your survey. Here you’ll find settings for design, flow, advanced functionality, and previewing.


Look & Feel

The Look & Feel menu gives you a variety of settings that deal with the design of your survey. Some of these are basic design options, like choosing a theme and setting fonts, colors, headers, etc. Other options involve survey experience choices, such as displaying a progress bar or having questions highlight upon selection. If you’re familiar with programming, you can also enter custom CSS in this menu.

Survey Flow

The Survey Flow is a block-level view of your survey and details the order in which blocks are displayed to your respondents. From here, you can customize where respondents go in your survey and what they see. You can perform simple tasks like rearranging blocks, or you can add elements like Branch Logic that direct and personalize your respondents’ survey experience. Respondents will start at the top of the flow and work their way through until they reach an end point and finish the survey.

Survey Options

Survey Options presents a list of general settings that affect your respondents’ survey experience. These settings include the option to add a back button to your survey, display a custom end of survey message, include question numbers for respondents to see, and more.


The Tools dropdown contains a variety of more advanced survey features. These features include options like Auto-Number Questions, Email Triggers, Quotas, Translations, Scoring, and more. Tools also contains general aids, like stripping formatting, generating test responses, and exporting your survey to various formats.

Preview Survey

The Preview Survey feature enables you to view and experience your survey as your respondents would. This preview is a great way to test out your survey before you distribute it to your respondents.